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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Book Review

201209-book-review-abraham-lincoln-vampire-hunter-by-seth-grahame-smithThought to be one of the greatest presidents the United States has ever seen, Abraham Lincoln broke down barriers and united a nation once torn through its very center. In his short term in office, he oversaw the passing of one of the most important amendments in US history and witnessed, first hand, the bloodiest, most gruesome war on American soil.

He was a father, a leader, a husband, and a friend…and, oddly enough…a vampire hunter.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is the tale of President Lincoln’s battles and run-ins with vampires.  After witnessing several of his closest family members succumb to these blood-sucking monsters, Lincoln goes on a quest to rid the U.S. of every remaining vampire.  With the help of some close friends and a vampire willing to turn on his own kind, Lincoln embarks on a journey that would forever change the rest of his life.

Throughout his journey, Lincoln keeps a journal, documenting every kill, every meeting, every thought, every plan.  This epistolary-style novel is written as  a biography of Abraham Lincoln, based on this set of diaries.  The diaries are handed to the author at the beginning of the novel by a man named Henry Sturges.  Henry offers him these books and tells him that the only condition of this offer is that he (the author) will, at last, tell the truth about Abraham Lincoln.

In these well-kept journals we begin to learn the true history of Abraham’s life, from his first battle with a vampire to the reasoning behind his vicious murder. Complete with plenty of blood, gore,and photographs that could easily pass for the real deal, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a wild ride through the life of a man so few truly knew.

As a fan of Seth Grahame-Smith’s other literary titles, (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monters), I found Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter a fun easy-to-read book.  And as a fan of Abraham Lincoln, I was curious to see what role vampires would play in his biography, and I think Smith did a great job of sprinkling a bit of folklore into the life of a man who loved storytelling.

Pleasing for those who love Civil War history, vampire fiction, or those who just like reading something strange and unusual, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a quick and easy read that will entertain, enlighten, and open your eyes to a man who, as Henry Sturges put it, “…is just too interesting to die.”

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