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Peaches for Father Francis Book Review

peaches-for-father-francis-book-coverEight years have passed since Vianne Rocher first worked her culinary magic on the residents of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes, a small fictional town in Southwest France. Her quest to open up her chocolate shop formed the basis of Joanne Harris’s breakout novel, Chocolat. A few years later, Vianne returned in The Girl with No Shadow, and now she’s back for a third installment in the Chocolat series.

In Peaches for Father Francis, we find Vianne living with Roux and her two daughters in Paris. Having left her life in Lansquenet behind, including her beloved chocolatarie, Vianne is trying to make a new life for herself and her family. However, when she receives a mysterious letter from beyond the grave, Vianne finds herself once again uprooted and following the cruel north wind back home to Lansquenet, and finds her quaint town has drastically changed.

It’s Ramadan in 2010 when Vianne returns to Southwest France. She’s surprised to see a variety of new residents that have taken up in this small town, and is even more surprised to see what’s become of her chocolate shop. In the midst of a religious war, the town of Lansquenet seems to be calling out for Vianne’s help, and Vianne, true to her form, is quick to take on the challenge.

Peaches for Father Francis contains the familiar recipe of Harris’s first novel, Chocolat, where food becomes the universal language between two very different and powerful groups of people. By working her magic as only she knows how, Vianne attempts to bring peace back to Lansquenet, as well as a taste for something sweet.

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