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The Bassoon King Book Review

BASSOON KING_ FINALLovers of The Office might not be surprised that Rainn Wilson really isn’t that much different than his beloved counterpart, Dwight Schrute. Sarcastic and nerdy to the core, Rainn has removed his mustard yellow shirt and tossed aside his beet-stained shoes to embrace his inner hippie-loving self. From his upbringing in the Ba’hai faith to his solid family values he shares with his wife and kid, Rainn Wilson offers a look into a life unaltered by Hollywood fame. In the same dead-pan humor we’ve come to love in his alter ego, The Bassoon King brings readers into a world full of music, love, and hilariously big-headed baby photos.

My guess is that most people will go into this book expecting a tell-all, hilarious, first-rate look into the making of The Office which, I have to say, is what I expected as well. Unfortunately, I found that section of Rainn’s memoir a little lackluster. Two chapters at the end of the book are devoted to his time working on The Office, but it’s not nearly enough. WE NEED MORE BEETS, RAINN!  While there are some juicy bits that Dunder-Heads will appreciate, it’s not quite the tell-all I was hoping for.

Like most celebrity autobiographies today, Rainn discusses his poor upbringing, his awkward high school years, and his assortment of dead-end jobs amidst cute drawings, whimsical lists of randomness, and shout-outs to his pet project, Soul Pancake.  There are also a wonderful selection of photos scattered throughout the book for your viewing enjoyment.

A good section of The Bassoon King is also devoted to the Ba’hai faith, something I found particularly interesting to learn about.  If you are unfamiliar with the Ba’hai faith, Rainn includes a “Ba’hai for Dummies”, for lack of a better term, towards the back of his book, and also explains certain views and traditions throughout his story.  I was even more surprised to learn that I used to live basically next store to the Ba’hai Temple where Rainn attended for several years…I mean, look how pretty this temple is!:


All in all, if you love Rainn Wilson or are a fan of The Office, you won’t be disappointed in reading The Bassoon King.  This is a very enjoyable book, and often made me feel like I was sitting down with Rainn over a cup of coffee or tea, just discussing his views on love, faith, and the human condition.

Oh Rainn, you know you’ll always be our best mensch.

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