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50 of the World’s Largest Things

My family never went camping. We never went to theme parks or beaches. We never took cruises or flew to far off exotic locations. Nope, my family was a road trip family.

Every summer we’d all pack up in my dad’s Toyota Camry, fill the trunk with luggage and snacks, and head out on an adventure to find weird abandoned cemeteries, strange historical markers, and our favorite, the World’s Largest things.

I don’t know what the magic was about us finding and seeing the World’s Largest Indian, Ketchup Bottle, Can of Beans, Ball of Yarn, or Penny, among so many others, but we loved it. As is often the case with traveling, it was really about the journey, not the destination, but knowing that the largest turkey in the world was waiting for us at the end of our road trip to Minnesota, well, somehow that made it all the more fun.

If you’re thinking of taking a road trip this summer, I highly suggest you go off the beaten path a little bit and check out these ridiculous roadside attractions. There’s at least one in every state, so no excuses!

What other attractions are out there? Let me know where we should travel next in the comments below!


So let’s plan a road trip, shall we?

Alabama – Georgia

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.57.23 PM

  1. World’s Largest Boll Weevil, Enterprise, Alabama
  2. World’s Largest Santa Claus, North Pole, Alaska
  3. World’s Largest Cow Skull, Amado, Arizona
  4. World’s Largest Spinach Can, Alma, Arkansas
  5. World’s Largest Monk, Hillsborough, California
  6. World’s Largest Fork, Creede, Colorado
  7. World’s Largest Jack-in-the-Box, Middletown, Connecticut
  8. World’s Largest Frying Pan, Wilmington, Delaware
  9. World’s Largest Bowling Pin, Tampa, Florida
  10. World’s Largest Peanut, Ashburn, Georgia

Hawaii – Maryland

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.59.33 PM

  1. World’s Largest Telescope, Mauna Kea, Hawaii
  2. World’s Largest Potato Chip, Pocatello, Idaho
  3. World’s Largest Wind Chime, Casey, Illinois
  4. World’s Largest Preserved Steer, Kokomo, Indiana
  5. World’s Largest Popcorn Ball, Sac City, Iowa
  6. World’s Largest Hairball, Garden City, Kansas
  7. World’s Largest Baseball Bat, Louisville, Kentucky
  8. World’s Largest Ronald Reagan Statue, Covington, Lousiana
  9. World’s Largest Revolving and Rotating Globe, Yarmouth, Maine
  10. World’s Largest Decoy Collection, Salisbury, Maryland

Massachusetts – New Jersey

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.00.31 PM

  1. World’s Largest Clam Box, Ipswich, Massachusetts
  2. World’s Largest Indian, Ironwood, Michigan
  3. World’s Largest Turkey, Frazee, Minnesota
  4. World’s Largest Rocking Chair, Gulfport, Mississippi
  5. World’s Largest Underwear, St. Louis, Missouri
  6. World’s Largest Penguin, Cut Bank, Montana
  7. World’s Largest Porch Swing, Hebron, Nebraska
  8. World’s Largest Firecracker, Amargosa Valley, Nevada
  9. World’s Largest Candy Counter, Littleton, New Hampshire
  10. World’s Largest Tooth, Trenton, New Jersey

New Mexico – South Carolina

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.01.42 PM

  1. World’s Largest Pistachio, Alamogordo, New Mexico
  2. World’s Largest Kaleidoscope, Mount Tremper, New York
  3. World’s Largest Bureau, High Point, North Carolina
  4. World’s Largest Buffalo, Jamestown, North Dakota
  5. World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock, Sugarcreek, Ohio
  6. World’s Largest Driller Statue, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  7. World’s Largest Caveman, Grants Pass, Oregon
  8. World’s Largest Shoe, Hellam, Pennsylvania
  9. World’s Largest Termite, Providence, Rhode Island
  10. World’s Largest Peach, Columbia, South Carolina

South Dakota – Wyoming

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.02.48 PM

  1. World’s Largest Pheasant, Huron, South Dakota
  2. World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube, Knoxville, Tennessee
  3. World’s Largest Rattlesnake, Freer, Texas
  4. World’s Largest Fishing Fly, Logan, Utah
  5. World’s Largest Filing Cabinet, Burlington, Vermont
  6. World’s Largest Gorilla, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  7. World’s Largest Lava Lamp, Soap Lake, Washington
  8. World’s Largest Tea Pot, Chester, West Virginia
  9. World’s Largest Penny, Woodruff, Wisconsin
  10. World’s Largest Jackalope, Douglas, Wyoming

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