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Strawberry Shortcake Mini Doughnut Sandwiches

Nothing quite says summer like strawberry shortcake. Layers of cake, whipped cream, and strawberries combine to make a light and delicious dessert that’s great for any warm and toasty summer day.

Quite a few of the strawberry shortcake recipes out there are made with Sarah Lee pound cake. Now, let me just say something for the record…homemade pound cake—YES. Frozen processed pound cake—NO. Frankly, I think Sarah Lee pound cake is gross…but you know what isn’t gross? DOUGHNUTS!

Let’s just ignore the fact that I’m blasting processed pound cake for processed doughnuts for a second and admire how yummy these little mini sandwiches look! They taste quite delicious, too…despite the fact that they’re a mess to eat.

Made with Hostess mini doughnuts, these little sandwiches are great for your summer party. I made mine with Cool Whip, which tended to melt pretty quickly, but you can use canned or homemade whipped cream, too.

To make these little sandwiches, all you have to do is slice those little suckers in half and fill them with your whipped cream of choice and top that with sliced strawberries. Easy as pie. I went with traditional glazed doughnuts to mirror the pound cake, but then thought I may as well try it with chocolate doughnuts, too…because…chocolate.

But like I said, these will melt all over the place and quickly turn into a sloppy mess if not eaten fast enough, so keep that in mind if making these for a party. You could set up a decorating bar and have guests make their own, or prep everything but wait until you’re ready to serve to actually assemble these little sandwiches.

I hope you all enjoy these little tasty bites! Looking for a 4th of July dessert idea? Add blueberries to the mix and you have a red, white, and blue dessert worthy of a firework-filled celebration!

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