6 True to Life George Carlin Printables

everybodyHe was one of the greats. He was the one who influenced and paved the way for some of today’s best comedians. His large body of work and ability to speak truthfully about everything from religion to politics put him at the top of the entertainment ladder. Comedians like Louis C.K., Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Lewis Black, and many others have been very open about how the late and great George Carlin influenced their comedy and the industry as a whole…and it was a sad, sad day when the world lost this beloved curmudgeon eight years ago today.

Some may know ol’ Georgie from SNL (he was the lucky bastard who hosted the very first episode!), some may know him from his countless performances, others from his collection of publications…still others might even know him as Mr. Conductor from Shining Time Station. With an impressive collection of recordings, performances, guest appearances, books, TV shows and specials, and even movie roles, George Carlin has put his mark on nearly every entertainment medium. His persona was rough and honest, and he never hesitated to share his feelings on several controversial subjects, including race, abortion, women’s rights, and homosexuality. But for as tough and gritty as he was on stage, who he was at home was completely different.

George met his first wife, Brenda, in 1960. They had one child together and remained happy until Brenda’s passing in 1997. Six months later, George met a writer named Sally Wade and married her the following year. They remained faithful to each other until George’s death in 2008, two days before their 10th anniversary. George described his meeting with Sally as “love at first site”, and their relationship was nothing short of ooey gooey lovey dovey sweetness. Hard to believe, right? But a short glance at The George Carlin Letters, a book written by Sally Wade, shows a different story. Throughout their 10-year courtship, George and Sally shared a whole magical world all their own. Love letters, dreams of lands in far off planets, and sweet notes back and forth fill the pages of this book, showing a hidden side of a man we all thought to be so open and honest. This book will make you laugh, make you cry (for SURE!), and will have you falling in love with George all over again.

Often hidden in his crude and truthful comedy are little gems of life advice that we should all keep in mind. As a tribute to this trailblazer on the anniversary of his passing, I’ve collected some of them for you here. Save ‘em…print ‘em…live by ‘em.


The Wisdom of George Carlin

Download these George Carlin printables here: George Carlin Printables

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