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12 Weird and Wacky Museums

For some reason, the human race is hell bent on paying homage to weird and wacky things. Creative minds have turned trash into treasure and have collected, gathered, and displayed some bizarre oddities, including hair, bananas, toys, trash, and yes, even some certain male reproductive organs…


If touring the country for The World’s Largest Things isn’t your bag, perhaps a trip to the Banana Museum is more up your alley…or if you’re feeling adventurous, perhaps a trip to the Mutter Museum to see some weird and wacky medical wonders is for you…

From the east to the west, the coast to the coast, here are 12 of the weirdest, wackiest, and best museums in the US!


The Hammer Museum
Haines, Alaska
Dedicated to the history of man’s first tool, the Hammer Museum houses roughly 1,500 hammers, dating back to the cave man days.


The Museum of Miniatures
Tucson, Arizona
The Museum of Miniatures features 300 miniature houses and room boxes, as well as other collectables. This museum also houses the country’s oldest mini house, created in 1775.


Devil’s Rope Barbed Wire Museum
McLean, Texas
Featuring 2,000 variations of wire, this museum gives visitors an inside look at fencing, wire tools, and historical memorabilia. And with two giant spheres of barbed wire greeting visitors on the way in, this is one museum where you want to tread carefully.


International Banana Museum
Mecca, California
Yup, it’s just what it sounds like. Salt n’ pepper shakers, hangers, ties, staplers, candles, toys, harmonicas, cookie jars, ash trays, squirt guns, videos and so much more…all banana themed! There are so many things in this museum that you’re sure to find something new each time you’re there.


Morbid Anatomy Museum
Brooklyn, New York
There is a certain beauty in death, and the Morbid Anatomy Museum prides itself on finding it. Medical journals, embryological models, natural history specimens, and more are housed here, and a variety of exhibits keep the morbidly minded coming back time and again.


The Vacuum Cleaner Museum
St. James, Missouri
Clean freaks rejoice! The Vacuum Museum is home to more than 600 vacuums, all in working condition. Starting in the early 1900s and working up to today, this museum even houses some celebrity vacuums, too!


The Mutter Museum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Crowned America’s finest museum of medical history, the Mutter Museum contains preserved collections of anatomical specimens, medical instruments, and medical oddities. Popular artifacts include Dr. Joseph Hyrtl’s human skull collection, jaw tumor of President Grover Cleveland, and Einstein’s brain.


The Circus World Museum
Baraboo, Wisconsin
I’m not a huge circus person, but this museum is awesome! Located on the site of the original Ringling Bros. Circus, this museum features wagons and vehicles from international circuses and also puts on a show here and there for the kids.


The Kazoo Museum
Beaufort, South Carolina
One of America’s only homegrown instruments, the kazoo has a history beginning in the 1800s. With nearly 200 kazoos on display, the Kazoo Museum is a fascinating adventure for kids and adults alike.


National Museum of Funeral History
Houston, Texas
One of man’s oldest traditions is celebrated at the National Museum of Funeral History. Discover what funerals are like for Popes, explore the amazing cultural traditions of De Los Muertos, learn about various embalming techniques, visit Presidential funerals, and check out the amazing collections of coffins, caskets, and hearses.


The National Mustard Museum
Middleton, Wisconsin
Wisconsinites know their mustard. With more than 5,600 mustards from all 50 states and more than 70 countries, this one-of-a-kind museum is truly the king of condiments.


Leila’s Hair Museum
Independence, Missouri
Founded by a former hair dresser, Leila’s Hair Museum features an impressive collection of part pieces made entirely from human hair. Jewelry, wreaths, and brooches make up the majority of the collection, and visitors can also see rare collectables with locks of celebrities’ hair.



BONUS! If you think the US has weird public displays of collections, you should see what the world has to offer:

The Dog Collar Museum
Kent, United Kingdom
Featuring 130 historic pieces, the Dog Collar Museum has artifacts dating back to the late 15th century.


The Hair Museum
Avanos, Turkey
Thousands of strands of hair lines the walls of this museum…most accompanied by notes and images. In fact, visitors are encouraged to add a few strands of their own hair to the expansive collection before leaving.


Sulabh International Museum of Toilets
Delhi, India
With models dating back to 25,000 B.C.E., the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets is truly a wonder to behold. Just make sure you know which ones work!


Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Explore once-used torture devices on display at the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments, accompanied by historical engravings of real-life events.


Icelandic Phallological Museum
Reykjavik, Iceland
This museum is dedicated to all things penile. With more than 215 members standing erect, this museum is truly one-of-a-kind.


The Museum of Broken Relationships
Zagreb, Croatia
Revolving around the concept of failed relationships and their ruins, this museum houses rings, clothing, Valentine’s Day gifts, and many more.


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