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Mini Draw String Crocheted Bag

Ya’ll know I love me a good stash buster.  I have so much leftover yarn from various projects and I’m always looking for fun ways to use it up…even better if I can turn it into a gift and pass it along to someone else! 😉

And for those little gifts that are not made with yarn, you can always use yarn to make the gift wrap!  Cute and perfect for gifting everything from jewelry to small trinkets, this crocheted draw-string bag is an adorable stash buster that I’ll probably come back to again and again.


I tried out this pattern using just one color of yarn, but you can easily switch between colors to create bags of all kinds.  The pattern can be found on Elisabeth Andree and she does a super cute job of mixing and matching colors!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.48.12 AM

This is a particularly great pattern for using up, shall we say, cheaper, lower quality yarn that wouldn’t necessarily make the most comfortable clothing or accessories.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.48.55 AM

A super quick and easy weekend project, my little bag worked up in about 2 hours and I already have started working on another one.

Keep in mind, if you use a thinner yarn, you’ll get larger holes in the bag, so you may want to line it with fabric or tissue paper before using it to wrap your gift.

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