40 Fun Facts About The Walking Dead

We’re almost to the season 7 premier!!!  It’s been a long summer waiting for the return of The Walking Dead and I’ve filled several days this summer reading articles, watching videos, and completely immersing myself in TWD universe.

In doing so, I’ve learned so many fun facts about this awesome show.  From “death dinners” to Breaking Bad Easter Eggs, this list of “40 Fun Facts About The Walking Dead” is sure to get you in the mood for Sunday’s premier!


  1. You can buy Daryl’s crossbow (The Horton Scout HD 125) at Walmart for about $300.00.
  2. HBO (the same network that brought you gems such as The Sopranos, Deadwood, Game of Thrones, and Oz) passed on TWD because they thought it was too violent.
  3. Norman Reedus (Daryl) originally auditioned for the part of Merle. The casting director liked him so much that the role of Daryl was written for him.
  4. In the 1830’s, the settlement at the end of the Western and Atlantic railroad lines was called “Terminus.” You might know it now as Atlanta.
  5. The flesh the walkers eat is actually ham soaked in vinegar.
  6. The characters of Daryl, Merle, Beth, and Sasha never appear in TWD comic series.
  7. The bag of drugs Daryl finds contains blue meth…a nod to AMC’s other fantastic show, Breaking Bad.
  8. And speaking of, the car Glen uses in the first season of TWD is the same car Walt Jr. drives in Breaking Bad.
  9. Daryl also refers to Merle’s drug dealer when talking with Beth in the episode, “Still” in season 4. He says, “Merle had this dealer…this janky little white guy…he says, ‘I’m gonna kill you, bitch.’”  Hmm…sound familiar?
  10. The word “zombie” is never mentioned in the TV series and very rarely shows up in the comics. This is because Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comics, wanted to create a world where zombie culture didn’t exist…making these monsters truly terrifying.
  11. Over the course of the series, the walkers have continued to decay. This was done purposefully, possibly hinting that even dead zombies won’t last forever.  The show’s logo has also decayed throughout the series.
  12. In the comic, Rick ends up losing his hand in a battle with the Governor. They decided to forego this in the TV series because the CGI would cost too much and would get in the way of Rick’s action scenes.
  13. Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Lennie James (Morgan Jones), Lauren Cohan (Maggie), and David Morrissey (The Governor) are all British in real life. In fact Lincoln’s real last name is Clutterbuck.  How delightfully British is that?!
  14. When it comes to The Walking Dead universe, walkers outnumber the living 5,000 to 1.
  15. The scientist at the CDC is named Edwin Jenner after the actual English scientist, Edward Jenner, who developed the smallpox vaccine in the late 1700’s.
  16. The CDC has a guide on their website for what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
  17. The CDC plotline is also unique to the TV series…it does not appear in the comics.
  18. The farm the survivors build while bunking in the jail in season 4 was real. The cast and crew often ate from the garden during production.
  19. On set, there are separate eating areas for the living and the dead. They’re segregated because producers want the walkers and humans to feel as far apart from one another as possible.
  20. There was a series of webisodes released in 2011 that showed the backstory of “the bicycle zombie” that Rick shoots in the series premiere.
  21. After a character is killed off the show, the remaining cast and crew throw them a “death dinner” to celebrate the character. This gives the whole production team the opportunity to say goodbye and a reason for past actors to come back and hang out with cast and crew.
  22. Permanent residents of Sequoia, Georgia, where some of TWD is filmed (it’s the location of Woodbury), get paid an average of $400.00 a month for the trouble of having the show film in their backyard at all hours of the day and night.
  23. Head of the special effects team, Greg Nicotero, has made cameos as a zombie several times on TWD, being killed by both Daryl and Andrea throughout the course of the show. He was also the zombie who bit Amy (Andrea’s sister) in season 1.
  24. Johnny Depp’s head was used as a model for a decapitated walker in one episode of TWD.
  25. Scott Wilson (Hershel) kept a replica of his severed head and displays it proudly on his mantel.
  26. All of the cast and crew wore suspenders on the day they filmed Hershel’s death to honor Wilson.
  27. Jon Bernthal (Shane) used to play semi-pro baseball in Russia.
  28. Norman Reedus’s back tattoos are real. He says he likes to “carry his daemons with him.”
  29. Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale) has had a role in every film and project directed by Frank Darabont.
  30. Because Dale had become such a beloved character, his guts were made out of chicken breasts, quite the star treatment after months and months of eating ham!
  31. Melissa McBride (Carol) was actually a casting director before landing the role of Carol.
  32. Steven Yeun (Glen) was originally studying psychology and pre-med before starting his acting career.
  33. Each zombie “look” is unique. They each have their own set of teeth and their make-up is applied based on the shape of the face.
  34. Mad Men actors Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks expressed interest in being zombies on TWD.
  35. Interstate 20, which runs from Texas through Georgia and into South Carolina, was used to film the scene in season 2 where the actors hide under abandoned cars. This was the same stretch of road used in the movie, Zombieland.
  36. Cast and crew use peppermint soap to keep bugs at bay on set.
  37. The poem written by the hanging man in season 2 was inspired by graffiti written on homes after Hurricane Katrina.
  38. Danai Gurira (Michonne) does all of her own stunts. #BEAST.
  39. Season 5 marks 1.5 years into the apocalypse.
  40. Traveling to Georgia in the near future? Be sure to take The Walking Dead tour!  A small jaunt around town will take you to Woodbury, Terminus, the homes of Rick and Morgan, and Hershel’s farm, as well as several other popular locations.

Sometimes you just need a little fun in your life! Check back every week for a new “Just Bee-cause” post, where I discuss everything from celebrity news to favorite videos and websites!

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