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Crochet Granny Square Baby Blanket

I usually avoid making crochet blankets because I will NEVER finish them.  I’m much more of an amigurumi girl…or scarves or hats or basically anything I can make over the course of binging a few episodes of Dawson’s Creek.

Then a few months ago I began a project to use up some extra yarn.  I started making these little granny squares and kept going until my stash ran out.  As luck would have it, I had JUST ENOUGH to make into a small baby blanket!


After realizing this, the little crochet squares continued to sit in my stash for yet another three or four months because I just didn’t want to commit to starting a blanket…but after going through a deep apartment purge, I finally decided to get started…I began laying out my squares and started assembling…

Well after weaving in all my ends (SO MUCH WEAVING) I’ve finally completed it!  I think it looks kind of cute!  I had some extra yarn left over so I made little pom-poms for the corners.



To join my squares, I used the single crochet method, but there are several methods for joining granny squares if you don’t like the look of the border.  The reason I liked the single crochet method is that the front and back of the blanket look totally different, so you can showcase either side:


I also arranged my squares in Excel before starting because I’m a nerd that way…it also ensures that you have enough squares AND that you don’t screw up your pattern as you numbly assemble all these squares.

granny square layout

If you’d like to make this blanket, you’ll need about 1 skein of each color (I used 7 colors).  Follow the instructions for making the little granny squares and keep going until you have about 156 squares (this blanket is 12 squares x 13 squares and measures about 24 in. x 26 in.).  If you follow my pattern, your blanket will be slightly small, perfect for a tiny human…but approximate that each granny square will give you about 2 in., so you can plot out the size of your blanket that way.

To assemble, I made one row at a time.  I joined back sides of 2 squares together and single crocheted to join the squares…then just repeated until the row was complete.  Once all my rows were done, I joined the rows together by placing back sides of the rows together and single crocheting to join row to row.


That took forever…mostly because I just got sick of it…but after a few cheesy movies, you should make good progress…especially if you weave in ends as you create the squares…which I didn’t do…so I was weaving like a mad-woman.

After making all my squares, I had a few strands of extra yarn…so I added some cute pom-poms to the corners of the blanket and tah dah!!

Whoever has a baby next, you have a cute little blanket comin’ your way!  😉


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