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14 Fun Facts about Monsters Inc.

It was 16 years ago today that Pixar’s Monsters Inc. hit theaters.  Starring John Goodman and Billy Crystal, Monsters Inc. is one of Pixar’s most profitable films and continues to delight audiences even today.

With ground-breaking animation and a cast to boot, Monsters Inc. is certainly one of my favorite Pixar films and even won an Oscar for Randy Newman’s closing song, “If I Didn’t Have You”.


To celebrate it’s 16th anniversary, here are 14 fun facts about Monsters Inc.!

14 Fun Facts about Monsters Inc.

The concept for Monsters Inc. was developed during a famous lunch meeting in 1994 where Pixar executives came up with ideas for four amazing films: Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, A  Bugs Life, and Wall-E.

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Boo is voiced by one of the story artists’ daughters.

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Sulley has more than 2.3 million strands of hair on his body and each one was individually animated.  A single frame of Sulley could take up to 12 hours to complete.

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Boo’s real name is Mary Gibbs.

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Randy Newman won his first Oscar for the film’s closing song, “If I Didn’t Have You”.

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Bill Murray was Pixar’s first choice for Sulley, but he never responded to their calls.  Classic Bill Murray.

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John Goodman (Sulley) and Billy Crystal (Mike) recorded their lines together…a rarity in film animation.

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Pete Docter’s original pitch for Monsters Inc. was to have a grown man be haunted by the monsters he drew as a kid.

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Randall’s anxious assistant, Fungus, was voiced by Frank Oz (the puppeteer behind Yoda, Miss Piggy, and Cookie Monster, to name a few).  He also came up with the name, Mike Wazowski.

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Bob Peterson, the guy who voices Dug in Up, is the same guy who voices Roz in Monster’s Inc.

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The Door Vault contains about 5.7 million doors.

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Monsters Inc. is the fourth film that Goodman and Steve Buscemi (Randall) have done together.

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There was also a special Monsters Inc. trailer made that was shown before Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  It involved Mike and Sulley playing charades with the answer being Harry Potter.

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The closing credits of Monsters Inc. state that, “NO MONSTERS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS MOTION PICTURE.”

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