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Charlotte’s Web Wilbur the Pig Amigurumi

Perhaps one of the best stories about friendship and acceptance is E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. A story about a little pig with big dreams, this book was one of my favorites growing up and teaches valuable lessons about life, death, and the circle that connects us all.

crochet pig 4

A while ago I stumbled upon this cute pig plushie crochet pattern and couldn’t wait to make a little piggie of my own! I love how easy this pattern is to understand and it results in a large pig toy that would make a great gift for kids of all ages.

crochet pig

To give my pig a little personal touch, I added a sparkly spider necklace as a throwback to Charlotte. I really like how this little guy turned out and he’ll surely be keeping my bookshelves nice and cozy!

crochet pig3

This pattern is available for purchase on Etsy, along with a slew of other adorable plushies for crocheting a whole farm!

crochet pig 2

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