17 Tasty Mug Recipes

Sometimes you just need a little taste of something sweet. While I’m certainly not above just making my cake and eating it, too…there are times I want a little somethin’ sweet but don’t want to turn on the oven and heat up the whole dang house just to enjoy a piece of cake. Thankfully, there’s no better time to turn to the 1950’s staple of good home cookin’: the microwave.

These microwave cup-cakes are great for enjoying on your own, or sharing with a special someone. Prepared, mixed and baked all in a large coffee mug, these recipes are perfect for late-night cravings or quick and easy desserts for two (or let’s be honest, one) ;).

17 Tasty Mug Recipes


  1. Cookies and Cream Mug Cake
  2. Dulce de Leche Mug Cake
  3. Oatmeal Mug Cake
  4. S’mores Mug Cake
  5. Pumpkin Pie Mug Cake
  6. Chocolate Brownie Mug Cake
  7. Caramel Brownie Mug Cake
  8. Cinnamon Roll in a Mug
  9. Strawberry Pie Mug Cake
  10. Cheesecake in a Mug
  11. Roasted Tomato Soup
  12. Chicken Pot Pie in a Mug
  13. A Cup of Coffee Cake
  14. Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug
  15. Omelette in a Mug
  16. Pizza in a Mug
  17. Snickerdoodle Mug Cake

Every Monday is a “Reci-bee” post, where I share my favorite recipes, recipe collections, and cooking and baking hints and tips. 

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