12 Super Summertime Crochet Patterns

Here in the Midwest, summer is in full swing. We’ve already had 90 degree days and near 100 degree days that have made it difficult to enjoy anything outside. Couple that with some solid 100% humidity and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an indoor crafternoon!

These 12 super summertime crochet patterns are great for afternoons spent inside plopped next to your window air conditioning unit. Light and airy, these patterns can be worked up in near a couple hours, so you could be beach ready in no time.

12 Super Summertime Crochet Patterns


  1. Pom-Pom Happiness Shawl
  2. Summer Vibes Bikini Top
  3. Watermelon Dishcloth 
  4. Crochet Flip Flop Key Chain
  5. Crochet Cover/Shawl
  6. Sweet Summer Vest
  7. Summer Clutch
  8. Granny Square Top
  9. Light Summer Necklace
  10. Crochet Tote
  11. Pineapple Washcloth
  12. Crocheted Summer Sun Wreath

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