13 ROAR-some Dino Crafts

These projects are DINOMITE!

Looking for some fun ways to incorporate dinosaurs into your home decor? Look no further than these ROAR-some dinosaur crafts. From functional planters to games you can play with the kids, these dinosaur crafts are a T-riffic way to add Jurassic style to your home!

OK, I’m done, I promise…

13 ROAR-some Dino Crafts


  1. Dino Softies
  2. Dino Storage Jars
  3. Dino Matching Game
  4. DIY Dino Soap
  5. DIY Dino Earrings
  6. Dino Planters
  7. Dino Bag Charm
  8. Dino Candles
  9. Dinosaur Magnets
  10. Dino Cake Topper
  11. Dino Serving Dish
  12. Dino Toilet Paper Holder
  13. Dino Plant Markers

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