7 Adorable Ideas for Thanksgiving

Decorating and hosting Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be stressful…You can still wow your guests with simple, easy touches that A) won’t take a ton of time to make and B) won’t cost you an arm and a turkey leg!

7 Adorable Ideas for Thanksgiving

Fun for a kids table or just those who are young at heart, this Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade centerpiece is honestly the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a while! Make your little town out of cardboard boxes, then decorate with your favorite holiday balloons!


What are you grateful for this year? Make a place for guests to write down their gratitude with this DIY Thanksgiving Embroidery Hoop Wreath. A quick and easy project to make, this is one decoration you can have out every year.


Create a cozy atmosphere with these Faux Knit Pumpkins. Perfect for decorating the table or using as cute place cards, these little mini pumpkins are a sweet and subtle way to warm up your holiday table.


And speaking of warming up your table, these DIY Knit Coasters will keep your table safe and protected when you start bringing out those amazing hot dishes. Not only do they look cozy and warm, but they’re a great yarn-buster (and something to do when that damn turkey is defrosting!).


These Painted and Personalized Corn Husks are also a great way to direct people where to sit at your feast. Use gold spray paint to decorate the corn, then write the names of your guests in gold paint marker.


Forget those paper menus…this DIY Menu Pumpkin is a cute and festive way to let your guests know what’s being served at your feast. You could even use chalkboard paint so you can reuse the pumpkin year after year!


Finally, send guests home with a cute box full of yummy leftovers. Use paper and stamps to customize your own Disposable Thanksgiving Containers.


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