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10 Winter Decorations You Can Have Up All Season

The best thing about winter decorations is the fact that you can keep them up through February. Simple snowflakes, white winter wonderland scenes, they all make for beautiful decor you can showcase all season.

To help you get started, here are 10 winter decorations you can have on display for at least three more months!

10 Winter Decorations You Can Have Up All Season

winter decorations

Turn mason jars and other glass containers into seasonal snow globes.


Turn scraps of yarn into a fun winter wreath you can have up throughout January.


Paint pine cones white and arrange them in a candle display for a beautiful winter decoration that will instantly warm your home.


Fill pots and jars with evergreen branches for a stunning entryway decoration.


Paper snowflakes can easily decorate a paneled door.


Need a helpful reminder that spring really is coming? This sign should do the trick!


Curl up with this snowy snowflake button pillow.


Plants need to be cozy, too! These adorable planters will help keep your greenery nice and warm throughout the cold months (and you don’t even need to know how to knit to make them!).


These golden antlers add an expensive look at dollar store prices.


Bring the beauty of winter inside with these cute winter branches.


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