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Best in Show Movie Review

Hello readers and welcome back from your holiday weekend!  I hope you all enjoyed your time off and find yourselves back to work with a fresh mind and spirit.

Unfortunately I was sick this weekend.  As much as I love fall, my allergies and sinuses do not…and I contracted a nasty cold that left me in bed for a few days.  As a result, I had a weekend of movie watching in my pj’s…which is one of my favorite things to do even when I’m not sick.  This past weekend I decided to indulge in some classic Christopher Guest movies and absolutely had the best time.

While I have seen almost all of his films, I only own Best in Show and A Mighty Wind…but in my opinion, those are the best ones (followed closely by Waiting for Guffman).  If you’ve never seen Best in Show, I highly suggest you do…especially if you’re a dog fan.  This movie documents the crazy dogs and dog owners behind “The Mayflower Dog Show”, a play on “The American Kennel Club Dog Show” or others of that nature.  Not only is this movie chock full of adorable K-9’s, but the cast is equally as lovable.  How can you not have a good time with Catherine O’Hara, Fred Willard, and Jane Lynch (yes, Jane Lynch of Glee fame.  She wasn’t always Sue Sylvester and shouldn’t knock the Glee club too much…considering she’s quite the singer herself…as seen in A Mighty Wind)?

If you’ve never had the joy of watching a Christopher Guest movie, you’re in for a treat.  I suggest starting with Best in Show…I really think it’s the best of his bunch.  A Mighty Wind is a movie about three folk music groups and features the same cast from Best in Show.  This is improv at its best.

Best Movie EVER!!

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The Man Who Planted Trees Movie Review

Once in a while I’ll add something random to my Netflix queue.  A B-rated horror movie…some crazy British TV show…workout videos I can watch while I snack on popcorn and chocolate chips…

I don’t really know what I was thinking when I added The Man Who Planted Trees into my DVD queue.  Perhaps I was interested by the plot (I’m a sucker for environmental movies), or maybe the colorful cover caught my eye…whatever the reason was, I thank my lucky stars that it ended up on my list.

The Man Who Planted Trees is a beautifully illustrated short film (it’s only 30 minutes) about a man with a mission to make a change.

The story is narrated by a young man who is taking a hike through Provence, France, seeming to marvel at the unspoiled wilderness around him.  He eventually comes upon a barren valley, void of water and plant life.  As a result, our narrator begins a never-ending quest for water, until he stumbles upon a shepherd (by the name of Elzeard Bouffier) and his flock.

The shepherd takes the narrator to a spring and gives him water.  Overtime, the narrator becomes curious about this lone shepherd and decides to stay with him a while.  They sit at the table, not speaking a word.  The narrator observes Bouffier diligently looking at acorns, setting aside the good ones to plant the following day.

Eventually the narrator leaves and returns home to fight in the First World War.  When he returns to Bouffier’s land ten years later, he’s surprised to see saplings taking root all over the valley and new streams running through a previously dry land.

Bouffier continues his planting for more than 40 years and eventually the valley begins to turn into something resembling the Garden of Eden.  When the “authorities” hear of what’s been happening in the valley, they assume it’s a bizarre natural phenomenon, as they are unaware of Bouffier’s diligent work to keep the valley flourishing.

Unlike many environmental movies, the authorities actually work to save the valley, protecting and cherishing it for years to come.

This is maybe one of the most touching and inspiring films I’ve ever seen.  The illustrations are simple, yet magical…and the story is one of hope and possibility.  Take 30 minutes out of your weekend to check out The Man Who Planted Trees.  It’s available to watch for free here:

“He who plants a tree plants a hope.”

–Lucy Larcom

Sometimes you just need a little fun in your life! Check back every week for a new “Just Bee-cause” post, where I discuss everything from celebrity news to favorite videos and websites!

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