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The George Carlin Letters Book Review

Oftentimes we never really see a full person. We see their work self, their play self, their happy self, or the self they want everyone to see. And oftentimes, as in the case with George Carlin at least, the self that remains hidden from most of the world is the most beautiful and tender side of all.

Image result for The George Carlin Letters

In the years before he died, comedian George Carlin released nearly 15 HBO specials, 20 CD’s, wrote 6 books and made countless appearances in movies and TV shows. In each one of those outlets, he talked openly and honestly about everything from religion to politics, all while staying true to the crochety old-man-style of humor that made him a legend in his own right.

But when the shoes came off at the end of the day, Carlin was a very different man. Gone was the hard exterior…gone were the attitudes about Catholicism, voting, aging, and stupid people doing stupid things. Once he got home, back to his comfort zone, back to Sally Wade, Carlin was a cupcake.

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The George Carlin Letters: The Permanent Courtship of Sally Wade is a unique illustrated memoir written by Carlin’s second wife, Sally Wade. Filled with never-before-seen writings and artwork by the late great comedian, woven into Wade’s telling of the last 10 years of their life together, this beautiful book shows the hidden side of a man we all thought we knew. The real George Carlin was a romantic, an artist, a lover. He wrote notes to Sally daily…telling her how beautiful she was, how wonderful she was, how much joy she brought to his life. They shared wild and mystical pipe dreams, dreaming of flying around Jupiter and making it their own. They shared nicknames and created a language only they understood. Their love was real, ever-growing, and so secret and protected. It was a kind of love so many of us only dream of having.

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Published after he died, The George Carlin Letters show a very different side of a comedian we all thought we knew through and through. Heartwarming, sad, tender, and bittersweet, this book acts as one final love letter from Sally to George…and maybe even a heart-felt goodbye from Sally to George’s fans. This is the REAL side of the man we all loved…his soft underbelly that he kept so hidden from the rest of the world. In the most beautiful way possible, Sally helps readers see a side of Carlin only she witnessed, giving us a close, intimate look into one of the most romantic stories never told.

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8 DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

There are a few things every great dad needs: a meaningful daily coffee mug, a killer spice rub, and a good quality dad joke.

This Father’s Day, treat your pop to something not only useful, but handmade! With ideas for beer-loving dads, nerdy dads, corporate dads, and fixer-upper dads, here are 8 DIY Father’s Day Gifts that are sure to get you dad’s seal of approval!

father's day

8 DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

Beer Coasters

beer coaster

Handmade Coffee Mugs


DIY Tie Rack

diy tie rack

Spice Rub


Customized Hammer


Gift Card Wallet

handmade wallet

Leather Catch-All Dish

leather tray

Handmade Lego Picture Puzzles

lego pictures

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17 Gifts Dad Will Actually Want

Father’s Day is right around the corner…If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for dad, fear not…these adorable Etsy finds are great for whatever type of dad you have!

Whether your dad loves sports, music, beer, cars, or a good dad joke, these Father’s Day gifts are a clever and fun way to show dad how much you care.  And don’t forget grandpas, uncles, and brothers, too!


17 Gifts Dad Will Actually Want

For the Sporty Dad
Baseball Coach Gift - Baseball Love, Love Baseball Wood Sign, Baseball Team Gifts, Gifts for Coaches, Baseball Decor, Sports Gifts, Letters

For the Dad Who Loves Music
Any Song Sound Wave Print Fully Personalized Soundwave Picture - Any Colour Background - Any Message - A4 A5 A3 PP77

For the Grill Master

For the Gamer Dad
Nintendo Controller Printable 11"X14" Set, Nintendo Art, NES Controller print, Geek Chic, Geeky Nordic Print, Retro Video Game, Gift For Him

For the Techy Dad
iPhone Stand - Mobile phone & tablet Docking Station - Charging Station - Bedside or Desk Tidy -  Smart Phone Samsung - Mothers Day Gift

For the Dad Who Loves Nerdery
Father's Day Whiskey Glasses - Geek Fathers Day Gift For Dad  - Nerd Dad Gift Ideas - Nerd Dad Birthday Gifts - Geek Dad Birthday Gift

For the New Dad
New dad gift for dad fathers day gift dad husband gift first fathers day dad to be gift for new dad new daddy dad gift pregnancy mug

For the Beer Lover
USA Beer Cap Map Craft Beer Caps USA Map Beer Bottle Cap USA Map State Beer Cap Maps State  usa Shape Cap Map us craft beer cap map gift

For the Whisky Drinker

For the Crafty Dad

For the Auto Enthusiast
Mechanic Gifts, Man Candle, Fathers Day Gift, Car Gifts, Soy Candle, Manly Gift, Boyfriend Gift, Husband Gift, Gifts For Him, Gifts For Dad

For the Active Dad

For the Bookworm
T-Rex Attack Metal Art Bookends - Free USA Shipping

For the Dad Who Loves to Fish
Fathers Day Fishing Lure - Personalized Hand Stamped Key Chain - My Greatest Catch - Mens Gift - Baby Weight - Fish Fishing Dad

For the Dad with Wanderlust
Whiskey Leather Toiletry Bag Travel Shaving Dopp Kit with Free Monogram and Optional Interior Message Gift for Man Groomsmen Groom Wedding

For the Family-Centric Dad
Lego family gift frame - personalised!

For the Dad Who Loves a Good Joke
Funny Dad mug, fathers day, sperm jokes, gifts for dad, rude mug, sarcasm, adult humor, funny mug, pull out, thanks dad, sex humor, snarky

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15 Awesome TV Dads

It’s no secret that TV has given birth to some awesome father figures. From sweet guys to strong ones, these TV dads helped shape and mold the ideal father, showing that not all dad’s are lazy, golf-loving, couch potatoes. These dads were there for their kids, offered helpful advice, and dealt with things that were relatable to their viewers. They were coaches, problem solvers, and experts at balancing home and work life. All in all, these men were the American dream.


Danny Tanner, Full House:
Managing a large family was no prob for single dad, Danny Tanner. With a house full of emotional daughters, Mr. Tanner proved time and time again that a nice talk and a level head will solve just about any problem.

tv television 90s full house bob saget

Alan Matthews, Boy Meets World:
The best thing about Alan Matthews was that he was a great dad AND a great husband. A family man to the core, Mr. Matthews was always there for his kids and his wife, putting family before just about everything and even acting as a father figure to other characters on the show.

boy meets world wisdom ben savage eric matthews corey matthews

Howard Cunningham, Happy Days:
How could you not love Mr. C? Quiet but oh so witty, Howard Cunningham was a sweet father with a big heart. He teased out of love and was always quick with a lesson in the pocket.


Jack Arnold, The Wonder Years:
Jack Arnold was the epitome of hard love. A workingman who fought for his country, Mr. Arnold took pride in his kids, though he rarely said it. But those sweet moments between him and his sons…those moments are what make The Wonder Years such a heartbreaking and beautiful program.


Philip Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:
Philip Banks was just full of fun. A dad who portrayed discipline and love, Mr. Banks was a father almost all of us could relate to.

slap the fresh prince of bel air court judge james avery

Andy Taylor, The Andy Griffith Show:
Andy Taylor was another one of TV’s beloved single fathers, perhaps the father that paved the way for others like Danny Tanner, Louie C.K, and Michael Bluth. The great thing about Mr. Taylor was that he found such joy in doing simple things with his son…from taking him out fishing to enjoying a fresh piece of Aunt Bee’s pie, this father-son bond was one that held strong and true throughout the entire series.


Rob Petrie, The Dick Fan Dyke Show:
Everyone’s favorite funny dad, Rob Petrie makes this list because, like Alan Matthews, he loved his family like no other. In fact, The Dick Van Dyke Show broke a lot of boundaries when it was on, showing that a love between a husband and wife is fuel for growing a strong and supportive family.


Phil Dunphy, Modern Family:
Almost annoying in his buffoonery, Phil Dunphy is the jokester…the loony dad who will grow up to be the loony grandpa…but you have to love him for it.  Even in his serious moments, whether it’s interacting with his kids or his own father, Mr. Dunphy proves that, underneath that clowning facade, there’s actually a really good dad with a big and caring heart.

modern family phil dunphy

Tim Taylor, Home Improvement:
Tim Taylor is the ultimate suburban dad. He may hoot and holler at the ladies and annoy those he’s closest to, but at the end of the day, he’s faithful to his family and will do anything for those who mean the most to him. Plus, he is clearly a handyman around the house!


Louis C.K., Louie:
His comedy might be crass and harsh, but in his self-titled TV show, Louie C.K. is a genuine, loving, and supportive father. He has dinner with his kids, takes them on walks and adventures, and actually TALKS to them about their lives. He must also balance time with his kids with his ex-wife, something not commonly shown on TV.

q louis ck louie the who louie fx

Burt Hummel, Glee:
Not even kidding, Burt Hummel was probably my favorite character on Glee. Honest in his reactions and acceptance of his gay son, Mr. Hummel is a relatable and genuine father figure who I found absolutely charming throughout the whole series.

glee kurt hummel burt hummel

Carl Winslow, Family Matters:
Carl Winslow has no time for family drama. A man balancing a difficult life as a police officer and the head of a large exuberant family, Mr. Winslow may have put on a tough persona, but deep down he was a sweet as pie softie!

Warner Archive family matters carl winslow i dont wanna know

Michael Bluth, Arrested Development:
Michael Bluth is the man who will stop at nothing to take care of his son. Dealing with a failing business and a greedy family keeps Mr. Bluth on his toes, but the love and commitment he has to making sure his son is raised in a positive and supportive environment, well, you have to commend the man’s efforts!

michael cera jason bateman michael bluth television happy

Eric Camden, 7th Heaven:
Combining strong family values with a religious base, Mr. Camden doubled as a reverend and a family man. While a lot of the family drama was slightly unbelievable and far-fetched, his love for his family and, in many cases, the friends of his children, made him a father we all grew to love and support.

black and white tv show 7th heaven

Cliff Huxtable, The Cosby Show:
Funny, witty, and loveable, Dr. Huxtable was a beloved father figure. His kids saw first-hand how Dr. Huxtable was able to balance work life and home life, and his young personality made his interactions with his younger children all the more precious.  Plus, you can’t deny…the man had moooooves!

the cosby show kesha knight pulliam dancing rudy

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Fykat Grill Review

The one thing I don’t like about living in an apartment in Chicago is that I’m robbed of my ability to grill.  Sure, I could wheel my grill out every time I want to cook and flare it up in the parking lot…but that just doesn’t sound awesome.

Then, a few weeks ago, I discovered the Fykat Grill while shopping around Crate and Barrel.  Suddenly everything seemed possible.  I could make veggies!  Chicken!  Ribs!  Steak!  Pork chops!  AND I could get it in a wide variety of colors.  Score.


I have yet to purchase this adorable little accessory, but it’s definitely on my wish list.  I’d like the orange one, please.   🙂

The FYRKAT  grill is a perfect fit for terraces, porches and even the back of your car so you can take your grill with you wherever you go!  Its body is made from enamel coated steel, its legs from chrome plated steel. The handle is made from heat-resistant silicone. Its diameter is just perfect for your favorite piece of meat or fish.  You can find them here, as well as at a few gadget stores, such as Crate.

Here’s one with food on it so you can get a better idea of the size:

Knowledge is power!  Learn fun facts, hints and tips, and creative ways to use every day items with “The Buzz” posts on Thursday.

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6 Easy Gifts for Father’s Day

In my family we don’t do gifts for Father’s and Mother’s Day…instead, we spend the day as a family eating.  That’s the truth of it.  There’s nothing we need to buy one another that we can’t get ourselves…and now that my siblings and I are all grown up and starting lives of our own, the family time we have always treasured has been limited…so giving Dad and Mom our time on their respective calendar days has turned out to be the best gift ever.

If you ask me, showing Dad some love doesn’t have to drain your wallet…and chances are, what he really wants is a little downtime with his loved ones…even if he’s too manly to say it 🙂

My dad and I reading the paper…our Sunday tradition!


If your dad is into the great outdoors, plan a camping get-a-way adventure in your own backyard.  Set up a tent, make a bonfire, and have a weenie roast.  If you’re rained out, move the outdoors inside and camp out in the basement!  My brother and I used to do this all the time.  Plus, no bugs!  If you guys wanna get up and get moving, research various National Parks around you or scout out some forest preserves.  Pack a picnic and spend the afternoon hiking.  If you’re a fishing family, do some research and find some lakes around you that will allow you to take fish home.  See what fish live in those lakes and buy lures to attract those fish.  Tape them to a map of the area so dad knows what bait to use at every lake.


Does your dad love to get away?  Have your family pool all the money you would have spent on gifts together and buy dad a gas card.  Pile everyone up in the car and take a road trip.  There’s so much to see here in the U.S. and there’s at least one awesome attraction in every state.


He’s the king of the grill.  The meat man.  The host with the most.  Instead of buying him more grilling supplies (which he probably doesn’t need), buy him a few cooking classes at a local cooking or community college.  If he’s not the school type, devote one day a week to helping him in the kitchen.  Make Friday night family night and get everyone involved in making dinner.  Feeling like experimenting?  Lay out a map of the world on the kitchen table.  Each week take turns rolling a die on the map.  Plan your meals on which country the die lands.  Expand the taste buds!!


Is your dad trying to shed a few pounds?  As we all know, the older we get, the harder it is to loose weight…so help encourage your papa by promising him a new outfit when he reaches his goal weight.  Offer to run with him three times a week and make healthy meals together to keep you both on track.


Let’s face it…the job market sucks.  Hundreds of people are out of work, including many dads who have a family to support.  If your dad is out of work, chances are he needs some words of encouragement more than anything.  Gather the family together and make a video where you each tell dad how much you love him and thank him for all he’s done.


Dick Van Dyke, one of the most well-loved dads of all time, has just come out with his autobiography, My Lucky Life.  Not only grandpas, but I’m sure several dads would love this.  If you get the book on tape/CD, you can hear Dick Van Dyke read his own memoir.  Sign me up!

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11 Father’s Day Gifts for Awesome Dads

Okay, here’s my say on Father’s Day.  My dad is awesome.  I know everyone says this, but seriously, he’s the best dad in the world.  However, he’s totally not into the typical “Father” stuff that Hallmark and various chain consumer stores seem to think men are into:  he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t sit around all day scratching himself, he doesn’t golf, he doesn’t have the TV remote duct taped to his hand, he’s not a gun-nut, and he’s not clueless about anything.  In fact, he’s one of the smartest men I know.  So what do I do for a father who is not a typical Father’s Day father?

Today I want to talk about options.  I want to talk about gift ideas for the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and brother-in-laws that are out of the box, that are new, that are meaningful and thoughtful.  Some of them we’ve done for my dad, since he is an out of the box kind of guy…and some are ideas I’ve seen or thought of while brainstorming for Christmas or birthdays.  So I hope this makes your shopping a little easier, and helps ensure that the men in your life are thanked this year, not criticized.


Present dad with some new fishing lures in a fun and festive way.  Run to your local craft store and pick up clear plastic holiday ornaments (you could find them at Hobby Lobby for sure) and fill them with some new fishing lures, hooks, or even bait.  BONUS:  They could also be used to decorate the kitchen when your dad comes down for breakfast.

*These are also great Christmas gifts, obviously.


If your dad needs a break from the everyday, take him on a weekend getaway.  Last year, we drove my dad up to Delevan, Wisconsin…which is only about an hour from our house…but it was still just as good as a vacation.  We went to old book stores, took a boat ride in the lake, and enjoyed some local cuisine.  We left on a Friday night and spent the weekend there, returning early Monday morning…so no one had to miss a lot of work and it was just enough time for everyone to refresh their batteries.


What about those guys who are brand new to fatherhood?  What to they need?  Chances are, sleep.  Why not give new dads a weekend to recharge by calling up the babysitter and taking him on a wine tour?  Or send him to the movies with his buddies.


One word here:  Netflix.  For the price of one movie theater ticket a month, dad could have 2 DVD’s shipped to his home and watch unlimited movies online.  I’m telling you, Netflix is the wave of the future and if you don’t have it, I’d highly suggest it.


If your dad isn’t into ESPN and all things sports, chances are he might be into books, theatre, or cuisine.  If that’s the case, do some research and see if you could find some antique book stores around you and take dad there to rack the shelves on your dime.  Or do some research and see if his favorite author is doing a book signing anytime soon.  If he’s into theatre, there are some awesome deals on cheap priced tickets.  Ebay is a great source, as is stubhub.com.  If he’s seen all the big name shows, check out some local theatres and see if it would be worth it to get him a membership.  Finally, if food is his forte, find a cook book with recipes you know your family would love.  Flag those pages and gather the ingredients for some of the recipes.  Assemble the whole thing in a package and present it as a date for the whole family to have fun in the kitchen.  Or, if you’re thinking of something more romantic, send the kids to grandmas and finally have that romantic dinner you’ve been talking so much about.


What about the dads who have everything?  Why not donate the money you were going to spend to a charity that supports one of his hobbies?  For Christmas last year, I “adopted” a polar bear family in my brother’s name, who wants nothing more than to be a wildlife photographer.  He loved the gift and it was something that was touching to both of us.  No matter what your dad is into, be it the traditional or non-traditional, you could find a group that supports it…and if the money is going to support something your dad likes, how can he not love the gift?


If your husband has been doing the job of fathering for a good time now, why not give him the gift of you?  Reinstate weekly date nights and make time for each other.  Watch a movie together…cook a meal together…or go for a walk as the sun is setting.  Trust me, even the guy’s guy would love this gift.


No, not hunting.  If your man is into photography, why not get a membership to your local botanic gardens?  Here in Chicago, a year-long membership to the Botanic Gardens pays for itself in 2 visits…and there are often concerts and wine tastings that go on throughout the year.


This is a no brainer.  If your dad loves the great outdoors, what better way to say Happy Father’s Day than to take him camping?  Or if he likes adventure but isn’t really what you would call a boy scout, you could take him to an adventure park (like Six Flags) and let him embrace his inner child.


Okay, I know this is pretty much every dad, but for those who really love spending time with family, here’s a great way to do it:  granted, this largely depends on what your dad does and how close he is with his boss, but we did this with my dad a couple years ago and it was so much fun that I just have to pass it along—we called my dad’s boss the Friday before Father’s Day and told him that we were planning to surprise my dad by spending the entire day with him on the Monday after Father’s day…so we were wondering if he could have the day off that day.  His boss was so moved that he granted him the day off and on Father’s Day, we surprised my dad by telling him he didn’t have to go in Monday and we were taking him out on the town (this was especially fun because it was one of the first times all three of his kids were in town at the same time).


If your dad doubles as a mom, too, he should get extra thanks for all his hard work.  I know a few people who have been raised by a single parent and those parents deserve all the credit in the world for what they do (and what they can’t do) to help raise their kids.  Anyway, for those who are the product of a single father, why not write a letter or make a scrapbook of your time together to show your dad how much you care.  I know my dad is as manly as they come, but he’s a total sap for that kind of stuff.  Trust me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Phew!  My brain is starting to hurt!  I hope this gives you some good ideas for Father’s Day.  I’ll continue to wrack my brain throughout the day and let you know if I come up with any more ideas!

An early Happy Father’s Day to all!

Celebrate creativity every Wednesday with a “Creativi-bee” post, where I share easy craft tutorials, project ideas, and craft collections.


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