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19 Fun Facts about A Quiet Place

It’s been about two weeks since John Krasinski’s thriller, A Quiet Place, hit theaters…and if you still haven’t seen this movie, you freaking need to sort out your life and just buy a ticket already.

a quiet place

Starring his real-life wife, Emily Blunt, along with somewhat newcomers Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, A Quiet Place is the story about a family surviving in an post-apocalyptic world where they’re hunted by monsters/aliens/creatures that use their incredible sense of hearing to find their next victim.

The Office GIF

The few survivors must remain silent in order to survive in this world…so simple things like eating, talking, and just basically moving and living your life are virtually impossible.

Scared Jimmy Fallon GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

A movie that challenges audiences to heighten their senses, A Quiet Place will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. While there are jump scares (they’re few and far between and honestly you kinda see them coming), the true terror of this movie lies in the anticipation of the inevitable…

If you haven’t seen A Quiet Place yet, stop reading now (or keep going if you don’t mind spoilers!). WARNING – THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD. I won’t ruin everything for you, but there are important plot points revealed here that might ruin the movie for you if you’re looking for the full experience.

If you have seen it, OMG, RIGHT?! First off, Emily Blunt is beautiful in everything and anything she does. Second of all, I FULLY SUPPORT JOHN KRASINSKI KEEPING THAT SEXY AF BEARD FOREVER AND ALWAYS.

If you loved A Quiet Place and are looking for a reason to love it, and appreciate it, even more, here are 19 fun facts you’re sure to love about A Quiet Place!

19 Fun Facts about A Quiet Place

There are real family photos of John Krasinski, Emily Blunt and their kids used in the background of the film.

Image result for a quiet place buzzfeed

In the opening scene, the only food that remains on the shelves are chips…probably because they’re too noisy to eat and open.

The actress who plays Regan (Millicent Simmonds) is deaf in real life. Krasinski said having a deaf actress play Regan was non-negotiable.

It was also Simmonds who suggested Krasinski sign “I’ve ALWAYS loved you” in that pivotal final scene, which made Krasinski cry.

Image result for jim halpert crying

The boy who plays Marcus (Noah Jupe) is British in real life. He was recommended to Krasinski by George Clooney, who had directed Jupe in Suburbicon.

Image result for Suburbicon

Both Simmonds and Jupe would binge-watch The Office on the way to and from set. Honestly, I would, too.

Jim Halpert Jazz Hands GIF

Someone made a mashup of A Quiet Place and The Office (because of course they did)…and it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed.

The infamous bathtub scene was done in just one take.

Emily Blunt No GIF by A Quiet Place

The final look of the creatures in the film wasn’t fully fledged out until pretty late in the process, during post production.

After reading the entire script, Emily Blunt told Krasinski he couldn’t let anyone else but her play the role of Evelyn. Krasinski said it was “…the greatest compliment of my entire career.” Seriously, how cute are these two?!?

Image result for john krasinski emily blunt gifs

Even the king of horror himself, Stephen King, had some encouraging words about the film:

Jim Halpert GIF

The removal of sound from this film was extremely important, so Krasinski went to the pros. Ethan Van Der Ryn and Eric Aadahl, who have worked on films like Godzilla and Transformers, were brought in to create “sound envelopes”, putting audiences in a character’s shoes to hear what they hear and how they might hear it.

When asked who their favorite actors were, Jupe said Leonardo DiCaprio (um, YAS) and Simmonds said Tom Hanks (ALSO YAS).

Happy The Office GIF

Jupe and Simmonds also said Krasinski and Blunt were super welcoming and encouraged them to share their opinions on certain scenes.

Image result for a quiet place cast

A Quiet Place marks Krasinski’s third time directing, the first two being Brief Interviews with Hideous Men and The Hollars, both of which he also starred in.

Image result for john krasinski director

The budget for the film was $18 million, with a portion of the budget being spent on the acquisition of 20 tons of corn. Farmers were hired to grow the corn at their main filming location of Dutchess County. I mean I’m just sayin’ each ticket to this movie should have come with a voucher for free popcorn…

Image result for a quiet place, corn

The original screenplay written by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck contained only one line of dialogue.

Image result for a quiet place gif

The entire film took 36 days to shoot.

The opening scene was actually the last one to be shot, as it required Krasinski to shave off most of his beard.

Image result for a quiet place, beard

Sometimes you just need a little fun in your life! Check back every week for a new “Just Bee-cause” post, where I discuss everything from celebrity news to favorite videos and websites!



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33 Important Facts about the Holocaust

Yesterday commemorated Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day. Usually a day filled with beautiful temple services, bittersweet music and showings of poetry and art created by those imprisoned in the death camps, Yom Hashoah is meant to be a day to remember those who perished so violently during World War II.

For years the Jewish people have said that, “to forget is to have let them die twice”…so we take at least one day a year to commemorate those who we’ve lost…not just our fellow Jewish relatives and friends, but also all the homosexuals, children, Gypsies and others who challenged Hitler’s political and religious views.


While no one can truly understand why or how something like this could happen, it’s important to know it did…and, in the words of Dwight Eisenhower, “if we do not know what we are fighting for, now we know what we’re fighting against.”

33 Important Facts about the Holocaust

*Warning – some of these images may be graphic for some viewers.

The Holocaust technically lasted about 12 years (from 1933 to 1945).

During that time, more than 11 million people were murdered…6 million of them were Jews and about 1.1 million were children.

Image result for the holocaust

More than half of all the people killed during the Holocaust were women.

Image result for the holocaust, women

And more than 1 million still remain unidentified.

One of the most brutal killings took place in September of 1941. At the Babi Yar Ravine, just outside of Kiev, Ukraine, more than 33,000 Jews were killed in just two days. Jews were forced to walk to the ravine’s edge, where they were then shot and pushed into the abyss. The Nazis then pushed the wall of the ravine over, burying the dead and the living.

Image result for the holocaust, Babi Yar Ravine

Prisoners in the camps, called Sonderkommando, were forced to bury and burn the dead so as to avoid the possibility of eyewitnesses. Most Sonderkommando were regularly gassed and fewer than 20 of the several thousand survived. Some Sonderkommando even buried their testimonies in jars before their deaths.

Image result for the holocaust, Sonderkommando

In the initial stages of the genocide, the Jews were forced into ghettos and denied the basic means of survival. The largest ghetto in Warsaw, Poland lost about 1% of the population each month.

Image result for the holocaust, warsaw ghetto

The term “holocaust” comes from the Greek holo (whole) and kaustos (burnt). It refers to an animal sacrifice in which the entire animal is burned.

Jews weren’t the only targets of the Nazi regime. Disabled people, those with differing political and religious views to Hitler, Jehovah’s Witnesses and homosexuals were also targeted.

Image result for the holocaust, homosexuals

The majority of the people who were deported to death camps were transported in cattle wagons. These wagons did not have water, food, a toilet or ventilation. The longest transport took 18 days. When the doors opened, everyone was already dead.

Image result for the holocaust, cattle wagons

In 1935, Hitler introduced the Nuremberg Laws, which made it illegal for Germans to marry or have sex with Jews. It also deprived Jews of their German citizenship and most of their civil rights.

Image result for the holocaust, Nuremberg Laws

Muselmann, German for “Muslim”, was slang for concentration camp victims who gave up any hope of survival. They would squat with their legs tucked in an “Oriental” fashion, with their shoulders curved and their head dropped. Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor Primo Levi stated that if he could “enclose all the evil of our time in one image, I would choose this image.”

Carbon monoxide was originally used in gas chambers, but the Nazis eventually switched to a more toxic insecticide, Zyklon B. It took between 3 and 15 minutes to kill everyone in the gas chamber.

Image result for the holocaust, Zyklon B.

The company that created Zyklon B still exists as a pest control company.

IG Farben headquarters in Frankfurt am Main

The gas chambers at Auschwitz had the ability to kill up to 6,000 people a day.

Image result for the holocaust, auschwitz gas chambers

There were several types of concentration camps all over Europe. Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Chelmno, Auschwitz/Birkenau and Majdanek were the largest killing camps and were all located in Poland.

Image result for the holocaust, concentration camps map

There was a selection process at the entrance to each death camp. Anyone who was pregnant, small children, sick passengers or anyone who was handicapped was almost immediately condemned to death.

Image result for the holocaust, concentration camps entrance

Joseph Goebbels, the minister of propaganda and previous head of the Nazi organization, committed suicide along with his wife and six children in Berlin during the last week of the war.

Image result for the holocaust, Joseph Goebbels

After the war, the allies felt that the German people should know the crimes committed during the Holocaust. Many citizens were forced to view bodies found at the concentration camps.

General Eisenhower ordered every citizen of the German town of Gotha to tour the concentration camp Ohrdruf. After the mayor of the town and his wife did so, they went home and hanged themselves.

Image result for the holocaust, Ohrdruf mayor

He also ordered every American soldier in the area who was not on the front lines to visit the camp as well. He said that if they did not know what they were fighting for, now they knew what they were fighting against.

To better mark who was who, Jews were forced to wear yellow stars and homosexuals were forced to wear pink triangles. They (falsely) offered homosexuals their freedom if they would agree to be castrated or submit themselves to sexual abuse and prostitution to help them with their research.

Image result for the holocaust, pink triangles

Auschwitz saw the most deaths during the duration of the Holocaust. More than 2 million people died there. The next closest camp with a high death count was Belzec, with 600,000 deaths.

Image result for the holocaust, auschwitz

The ‘extermination’ aspect of the Nazi death camps was kept under wraps. Very few outside Nazi Germany knew about the existence of these camps until a few years before the war ended…and even then, few believed it to be true. Most thought these ‘rumors’ were just more war propaganda.

Holocaust denial is now seen as an anti-semitic conspiracy and is illegal in 17 countries, including Germany, Israel, Poland and Austria.

The Nazis always used a code language in all the documents that were related to the Holocaust.

Anne Frank’s concentration camp was liberated by British troops just weeks after her death.

Image result for the holocaust, anne frank

Hitler planned to collect thousands of Jewish artifacts to build a “Museum of an Extinct Race” after the war.

Image result for the holocaust, jewish artifacts

The Leica Camera company helped hundreds of Jews before the Holocaust by hiring them and sending them abroad for work.

Image result for Leica Camera company

A Muslim family that saved Jews during the Holocaust was later saved by Israel during the genocide in Bosnia. They later converted to Judaism.

Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp in Germany, opened six years before WWII officially started.

Image result for Dachau

The SS officer who captured Anne Frank and her family later purchased her book to see if he was mentioned.

In Germany, there is a specific word for analyzing and learning to live with the past, specifically the Holocaust: “Vergangenheitsbewaltigung”.



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30 Fun Facts about Stephen Sondheim

Chances are if you saw Stephen Sondheim walking down Broadway, you may not recognize him. A quiet genius in every sense of the phrase, Sondheim has gifted the world some of the most beautiful melodies, lyrics, stories and compositions known to theater today.

Just having celebrated his 88th birthday, Sondheim is a living genius of the theater, having written and composed some of the best musicals of this century. You have him to thank for West Side Story, Into the Woods, Company, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, A Little Night Music, Gypsy!, and some might even say the film, Dick Tracy (1990) and this little musical you’ve probably heard of, Hamilton.


Sondheim has so many awards and accolades under his belt that it would take way too long to list them all out here…but let me just say the man is gifted. Eight Tony’s, eight Grammy’s and an Academy Award are just a few of the statues that pepper his bookshelves, not to mention his Presidential Medal of Freedom.

But before Into the Woods…before Sweeney Todd, Company, and all his other amazing musicals, Sondheim was just a little kid who had a dream. He struggled a lot…but then boy, did he succeed.

For your theatrical pleasure, here are 30 Fun Facts about the one and only Stephen Sondheim.

30 Fun Facts about Stephen Sondheim

Sondheim’s parents worked in the garment industry. His father was a dress manufacturer and his mother was a designer.

When his parents divorced in 1942, he moved to Pennsylvania with his mother, where he began studying piano and organ. He was already actively practicing songwriting as a student at the George School.

Image result for george school, PA

It was in Pennsylvania where Sondheim met and became friends with Oscar Hammerstein II (Oklahoma!, Carousel, The Sound of Music). He served as his surrogate father during his time growing up in PA.

Oscar Hammerstein III and Stephen Sondheim.

The surrogate father came in handy considering Sondheim’s relationship with his mother. A psychologically abusive woman, Etta Janet Sondheim would project her anger from her failed marriage on her son. She once wrote Stephen a letter saying that the “only regret [she] ever had was giving him birth.” YIKES. When his mother died in 1992, Stephen did not attend her funeral and had already been estranged from her for nearly 20 years.

Image result for stephen sondheim

While attending George School, Sondheim wrote a musical called By George, which was a success among his peers and buoyed Sondheim’s self-esteem. When he showed it to Hammerstein to get his opinion, Oscar offered his honest thoughts, saying, “it was the worst thing I have ever seen…but if you want to know why it’s terrible, I’ll tell you.” They spent the rest of the day going over the musical and Sondheim later said that he learned more about musical theater in that one afternoon than most people do in an entire lifetime.

To help him understand musical construction, Hammerstein had Sondheim write four musicals, each with one of the following conditions: based on a play he admired, based on a play he liked but thought flawed, based on an existing novel or short story, and then one original piece. By the time he was 22, he had finished all four. None of them were produced professionally.

Sondheim attended Williams College, where he majored in music (duh). Upon graduating, he won the Hutchinson Prize, which allowed him to study composition at Princeton University.

Image result for stephen sondheim, george school

During his time at Williams College, Sondheim performed duties in the preparation and rehearsals of the Rogers and Hammerstein productions of South Pacific and The King and I.

Image result for stephen sondheim, oscar hammerstein

After leaving Princeton, he studied further with avant-garde composer, Milton Babbitt and moved back to New York.

Image result for stephen sondheim, Milton Babbitt

Before jumping straight into Broadway, Sondheim got his professional start in TV, writing scripts for Topper and The Last Word.

Sondheim’s contributions to West Side Story (lyricist) and Gypsy (lyricist) in the 1950’s brought him recognition as a rising star in theatre.

musical west side story GIF

One of the first shows in which Sondheim wrote both lyrics and music for was A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, a farce based on ancient comedies written by the playwright Plautus. It opened in 1962 and ran for nearly 1,000 performances. It also won the Tony Award for Best Musical.

Image result for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

He would continue winning Tony’s throughout the 1970’s, including Tony’s for Company (1970), Follies (1971), A Little Night Music (1973) and Sweeney Todd (1979).

Image result for company musical, 1970

Company was actually one of Sondheim’s most well-received musicals, winning a Drama Critics Award, as well as the Tony for Best Musical. Sondheim also received awards for best composer and best lyricist for the show. Not to mention Company was well-loved by critics, as well. One commented that Company “…is absolutely first rate…the freshest…in years…This is a wonderful musical score, the one that Broadway has long needed.”

Image result for company musical I'll drink to that

When Sondheim wrote Company (a play about a bachelor and his married friends), he had never even been married (or in a serious relationship, for that matter), so he chatted with friends to ask about their trials and tribulations with matrimony.

A Little Night Music also featured the hit song, “Send in the Clowns”, made popular by Frank Sinatra and Judy Collins during the 70’s.

Sondheim also wrote five songs for the 1990 film, Dick Tracy, starring Warren Beatty and Madonna. He won an Academy Award for the song, “Sooner or Later”.

Sondheim also joins a goggle of other writers who have claimed that writing under the influence of alcohol is the best way to let loose and get past your inhibitions.

In 2015, Sondheim received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Image result for stephen sondheim, medal of freedom

Two years later, became the first composer-lyricist to win the PEN/Allen Foundation Literary Service Award. This prize is given annually to a “critically acclaimed writer whose body of work helps us understand and interpret the human condition.” Other recipients of this award include Salman Rushdie and Toni Morrison.

Counting up his accolades is kind of insane. In totality, as of this moment in time, Sondheim has one Academy Award, eight Tony Awards (more than any other composer), eight Grammy Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, a Laurence Olivier Award, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Image result for stephen sondheim, tonys

There’s no denying that Sondheim has an amazing lineup of plays under his belt; however, he only claims that Do I Hear a Waltz?, coauthored with Richard Rogers, is his only failure. He claims he wrote it for the wrong reasons (a quick buck rather than out of passion).

Sondheim is weirdly also famous for his love of board games. He’s collected them over the years and has them hanging on the walls of his home. This fun fascination started as a solution for a poor, struggling artist to easily decorate his walls.

Image result for stephen sondheim house

In the late 1960’s, Sondheim even published a series of cryptic crossword puzzles in New York magazine.

The only autobiographical song Sondheim says he has ever written is “Opening Doors” from Merrily We Roll Along (apparently “Try the Priest” wasn’t autobiographical…) ;).  “Opening Doors” was inspired by the struggle he endured in the 50’s, trying to make a name for himself.

The former Henry Miller’s Theatre in New York was renamed the Stephen Sondheim Theatre in 2010 to help celebrate his 80th birthday.

Image result for Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Sondheim was so influenced by his mentorship that he paid it forward. He mentored a young Johnathan Larson (Rent), who wrote the musical, Tick, Tick…Boom!. After Larson died suddenly at age 35, Sondheim called him one of the few composers “attempting to blend contemporary pop music with theater music…he was well on his way to finding a real synthesis.”

And just one fun Raul Esparza fact because I love him so much – Esparza was the lead in Tick, Tick…Boom!, then would go on to star in Sondheim’s revival of Company (as Bobby) in the early 2000’s.

Image result for raul esparza company

Sondheim was not directly involved, but was heavily consulted, during the 2007 film adaptation of Sweeney Todd, starring Johnny Depp, and Into the Woods, starring Meryl Streep. Every change to the script for both films was reviewed by and approved by him.

Image result for sweeney todd, johnny depp

Sondheim also mentored one Lin-Manuel Miranda on his little musical, Hamilton. Sondheim “worried that an evening of rap might get monotonous”, but ultimately believed Miranda’s attention to, and respect for, good rhyming made it work.

Image result for sondheim, hamilton

Sometimes you just need a little fun in your life! Check back every week for a new “Just Bee-cause” post, where I discuss everything from celebrity news to favorite videos and websites!



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13 Fun Facts about Passover

Passover – probably my favorite Jewish holiday – is the eight-day observance commemorating the freedom and exodus of the Israelites from Egypt during the reign of the Pharaoh Ramses II. The name Passover comes from God’s promise to “pass over” the homes of the Jewish families when he killed the first born children of the Egyptians.

Schmidt Passover GIF

Messed up, I know.

Like practically every Jewish holiday, Passover is celebrated with food and wine. We retell the story of our exodus from Egypt with a plate of symbolic foods that represent everything from our blood, sweat and tears to the promises of rebirth and a healthy future.

Traditional Jewish foods are also in abundance during a Passover Seder. Matzah, horseradish, fish, brisket and delicious coconut macarons are all common flair for a fabulous Passover harvest.

The other staple of a Passover Seder is a Haggadah, or the text we read from to help tell the story of the holiday. The Haggadah helps guide us through the history of Passover, the prayers and blessings over our food and fortune, and concludes with hopeful wishes for a fruitful spring.


Though I don’t consider myself a very religious person, I happen to have a deep connection with Passover. Not only do I lead the Seder for my family every year ( which is unusual for a woman, by the way), but I even wrote my own Haggadah that my family uses to celebrate Passover (but more on that tomorrow!).

If you’re unfamiliar with the Passover holiday but are intrigued to learn more, you’re in luck…because I happen to have some fun facts for you that might give you (or your Jewish friends) a new appreciation for one of the oldest and most iconic of Jewish holidays.

13 Fun Facts about Passover

Passover is the oldest celebrated Jewish holiday.

The Coca Cola bottling company in New York makes Coke that is kosher for Passover. Instead of corn syrup (corn is not kosher for Passover), they use sugar.

Image result for coca cola passover coke

When the Jews fled Egypt, it was said that they left in such a hurry that they didn’t have time for the dough to rise, thus the bread was all flat. This is why Jews eat Matzah and refrain from eating anything with leavening in it (bread, crackers, beans, corn grains) for eight days.

Motor Cycle GIF by Dan Blaushild

One of the main lessons of Passover is thankfulness. Some progressive temples have forgone the traditional Seder and have instead rallied together to make meals for the poor (PS – FAMILY, WE SHOULD DO THIS!).

The largest Seder in the world takes place in Kathmandu, Nepal. Turns out a lot of travelers from Israel, after completing their service in the Army, end up in the Asian country and gather there to celebrate their heritage.

Image result for Kathmandu, Nepal seder

Matzah ball soup is another staple of Passover. In 2009, Chef Anthony Sylvestry managed to make a matzah ball measuring 22.9 in. wide and weighing more than 260 lbs. It was crowned the largest matzah ball in the world and helped raise money for a charity basketball game.

Image result for largest matzo ball in the world

A recent addition to the traditional Seder plate is the orange, meant to symbolize support of marginalized people, including women and homosexuals.

Image result for seder plate orange

Some Ethiopian Jews break all their cooking dishes at Passover and make a new set to symbolize making a true break with the past.

In 2008, competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut at 78 matzah balls in eight minutes. WOOF.

Image result for competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut matzah balls

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated during the Passover holiday. Many Jews were in temple when news of his death broke, thus alters were quickly draped in black and, instead of Passover melodies, the congregations chanted Yom Kippur hymns, which focus more on repenting and forgiveness.

Image result for abraham lincoln, jewish

The first American Edition of the Passover Haggadah was published in 1837.

Image result for haggadah 1837

While you can technically buy matzah year-round, matzah made for Passover has to be made specifically for the holiday. A special process makes kosher matzah OK for Passover use (it has to be heavily guarded from moisture)…and boxes made specifically for the holiday are marked with a “kosher for Passover” label.

Image result for kosher for passover label on matzah

Matzah has to be made in less than 18 minutes for it to be considered matzah and not leavened bread.

The Prince Of Egypt GIF

Sometimes you just need a little fun in your life! Check back every week for a new “Just Bee-cause” post, where I discuss everything from celebrity news to favorite videos and websites!


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15 Fun Facts about Law & Order: SVU

Several years ago my husband and I embarked a journey that was both totally insane and completely amazing. Over the course of an entire year, we hunkered down and watched every episode of Law & Order: SVU.

Image result for svu surprise gif

Yup. Every. Single. One.

It was completely bonkers. There were nights where we’d just get on a roll and watch 4 at a time. We were absolutely and completely hooked, and we’ll still watch it when it comes on TV. We quote the show all the time and our love for SVU has even sparked us to marathon its dirty, perverted brother, HBO’s Oz (but more on that later).

While I don’t know if I can marathon the entire series again, I have been going back to watch some classic SVU…sometimes I just need my Stabler fix, amiright, ladies?!

Image result for svu stabler gif

And between Googling if Christopher Meloni is coming back to SVU and watching old clips of Raul Esparza as ADA Raphel Barba

Image result for svu barba gif

(SWOON!!!), I decided to do some investigating of my own…

Turns out the cast of SVU has a lot of fun behind the scenes…and they all love and support each other to the max, which literally makes my heart explode with happiness.

Image result for svu happy gif

Curious to know what I discovered? Here are the stories.



15 Fun Facts about Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Richard Belzer is the king of crossover. His character, Detective John Munch, has appeared all over TV, including Homicide: Life on the Street, The X-Files, 30 Rock, The Wire, and Arrested Development.

The man (Steve Zirnkilton) who does the voiceover for SVU, as well as every other Law & Order rendition served four terms in Maine’s House of Representatives.

Image result for Steve Zirnkilton

Mariska Hargitay is a trained rape crisis counselor. When she signed on to play Detective Olivia Benson, she had no idea how much the subject matter would affect her. After her training as a counselor, she founded the Joyful Heart Foundation, which helps survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse.

Ice-T, who has been a stable of the SVU unit for years, was only slotted to appear in 4 episodes. Not surprisingly, he jived with the cast immediately and moved to New York before those first 4 episodes even wrapped filming.

ice t GIF

Hargitay is married to fellow SVU actor, Peter Hermann. They actually met on set. Aww!

Image result for mariska hargitay, husband

Chris Meloni (Elliot Stabler) and Hargitay had INSTANT chemistry, even in their audition. It was a match meant to be!

Buzzfeed GIF

Taylor Swift has been very open about her love of SVU, particularly the character of Olivia Benson. Swift’s cat is named after Olivia and Hargitay even appeared in Swift’s “Bad Blood” video.

Image result for mariska hargitay, bad blood

Like many of the Law & Order spinoffs, SVU has a long and impressive list of guest-stars, namely Carol Burnett, Norman Reedus, Viola Davis, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Jeremy Irons, J.K. Simmons, and Bradley Cooper, just to name a FEW.

Image result for svu guest stars

Several characters in SVU were also appearing as their polar opposites in HBO’s Oz at the same time. Dean Winters, Chris Meloni B.D. Wong and J.K. Simmons, who were all on SVU at the same time were also embracing their much darker side on Oz.

Not surprisingly, SVU has taken on some major stories, some ripped right from the headlines. Two of the biggest headaches came from the NFL and the Catholic Church, both of which have appeared in several episodes of SVU.

Image result for svu, nfl

Chris Meloni may not be on SVU anymore, but he’s still super tight with Hargitay. She’s the godmother to one of his children and they recently posted a selfie together on Instagram. Fingers crossed for a Stabler return!!

Image result for hargitay, meloni selfie

Originally Raul Esparza didn’t want to take the role of ADA Rafael Barba, but did so as an acting “rebound” from a lackluster Broadway production. He’s since left SVU to return to the theater. HOW DOES THIS MAN DO EVERYTHING!?!

Hargitay used to insist on doing her own stunts until one of her lungs partially collapsed on set. Clearly she’s not so insistent anymore.

Diane Neal and Peter Scanavino both made small appearances on SVU before landing regular roles as ADA Casey Novak and Dominick Carisi, respectively.

Image result for diane neal svu

Cast members are often approached by survivors of sexual abuse, thanking them for accurately portraying these stories on TV and helping to raise awareness.

Image result for svu cast with survivors

Sometimes you just need a little fun in your life! Check back every week for a new “Just Bee-cause” post, where I discuss everything from celebrity news to favorite videos and websites!


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17 Fun Facts about St. Patrick’s Day

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day!

The Office St Paddys Day GIF

I’m sure you’ve heard the story about St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland…or maybe you think St. Patty’s Day is just an excuse for the entire world to claim their 1% Irish heritage and drink themselves into submission.

Whether you embrace the wearing of the green or just take St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse to wear those dumb shirts that tell people how Irish you are (I kid, I kid!), here are 17 MORE reasons to do what you do…so have a beer, toast up a slice of Irish soda bread (MY LITERAL FAVORITE), and feel yourself getting a little more Irish with this collection of 17 fun facts!


17 Fun Facts about St. Patrick’s Day

While green seems to be synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, Saint Patrick’s color was actually blue. The color green only became associated with St. Patrick’s Day after it was linked to the Irish independence movement in the late 18th century.

Image result for saint patrick blue

Ironically St. Patrick was not Irish. He was born to Roman parents in Scotland or Wales in the late fourth century.

Saint Patrick made his mark in Ireland by introducing Christianity to Ireland.

Nevertheless, the Irish take St. Patty’s day VERY SERIOUSLY. It’s declared a national holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Image result for st. patricks day in ireland

The New York Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the world’s largest parades. It’s been a major attraction since 1762!

Image result for st. patricks day parade, new york

Here in Chicago, we have our own nasty tradition of dying the Chicago River green. It takes nearly 40 tons of dye to color the river.

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For most of the 20th century, St. Patrick’s Day was considered a religious holiday in Ireland, which meant that the pubs were closed for business. In 1970, the day was converted to a national holiday and the drinks began a’flowin.

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According to legend, St. Patrick used the three-leaf shamrock as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity when he was first introducing Christianity to Ireland.

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Though St. Patrick gets all the credit for driving the snakes out of Ireland, modern scientists have actually discovered that Ireland has never been home to any snakes. The cold weather was too harsh to host any reptiles and the surrounding seas have staved off snakes ever since. It’s now believed that the snakes in his lore were likely metaphorical.

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Not including tips, a 2012 estimate pegged the total amount spend on beer for St. Patrick’s Day around the world was around $245 million. At about $5.00 a glass, that’s a LOT of beer!

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Guinness, the go-to drink of several Irish beer drinkers, sees a consumption of about 13 million pints on St. Patty’s Day alone. Even the Queen partakes…

Saint Patrick was actually born Maewyn Succat, but changed his name to Patricius after becoming a priest.

According to Irish folk tales, there is no such thing as a lady leprechaun. Hmm…sounds familiar…

I mean there has to be AT LEAST one 😉

There are more people with Irish ancestry in the United States than in Ireland.

Wanna test your luck? The odds of finding a four-leaf clover are about 1 in 10,000.

March 17th is actually the day St. Patrick died.

Traditionally, the Irish leader hands a crystal bowl full of shamrocks to the US President. The shamrocks, grown in Kerry, Ireland, is immediately destroyed by the Secret Service after the exchange.

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15 Fun Facts about The Rugrats

A few days ago, I was feeling a bit nostalgic for some of those old, classic Nicktoon Saturday mornings, so I decided to re-watch some old Rugrats episodes…


Man, so much of the comedy of this show went straight over my head when I was a kid. Jokes about porn, sex, even religious humor was so lost on our generation (but it’s so much better when you re-watch it!).


So that got me to thinking…what else don’t I remember about this amazing show?

Strap on those nappies, guys…


15 Fun Facts about The Rugrats

The Rugrats creators Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo married and started the animation studio Klasky Csupo. Before working on Rugrats, they also worked on The Simpsons, contributing to the family’s iconic yellow skin and Marge’s blue hair.

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After their eventual divorce, Klasky and Csupo maintained their work relationship and produced a slew of other iconic cartoons, including Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, The Wild Thornberrys, and Rocket Power.

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All of the babies in The Rugrats were voiced by women, including Charlie, who was voiced by Christine Cavanaugh for more than a decade. She was also the voice of Dexter in Dexter’s Laboratory until she passed away in 2014.

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Elizabeth Daily, who voiced Tommy Pickles, once recorded a show while she was in labor.

Rugrats is the second-longest running Nicktoon of all time. SpongeBob SquarePants takes the lead on that one.

Rugrats is the only Nickelodeon show to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The babies are also the proud owners of four Daytime Emmy Awards, seven Kids’ Choice Awards and five Emmys.

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The Pickle’s home address, 1258 North Highland Ave. in Los Angeles, is actually the original home of the Klasky Csupo production office.

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There is a terrifying fan theory that the babies are all just a figment of Angelica’s imagination. According to the theory, Chuckie died along with his mother and Tommy was stillborn. When the DeVilles had an abortion, Angelica didn’t know the baby’s gender, so she imagined them as twins.

It has since been debunked.

Rugrats was the first Nicktoon to release a movie. It featured voices from a host of celebrities, including David Spade, Whoopi Goldberg, Margaret Cho and Busta Rhymes. It also introduces Tommy’s brother, Dil.

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Rugrats: The Movie was also the first non-Disney animated movie to gross more than $100 million at the box office.

The 1997 episode “Mother’s Day” tells viewers that Chuckie’s mom died, though early episodes imply that she was still alive. Show creators and writers did this so that children watching the show who had also dealt with the death of a parent would have someone with whom to identify.

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In terms of age, all the kids are very close in numbers. Angelica is the oldest at 3 years old, followed by Susie, who was 2 going on 3, Chuckie who was 2, Kimi who was 1 going on 2, then Lil and Phil, followed by Tommy and Dil who were both 1 and younger. Of course all of them would be well into their 20’s now…so there’s that.

Chuckie’s distinct look was based on Mark Mothersbaugh, who composed the music for the series. Tommy was based on Csupo and Klasky’s son, Brendon.

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Rugrats premiered on August 11, 1991. It was followed by the premier of two other shows, Doug, and the Ren and Stimpy Show. Quite the day for Nickelodeon!

The dinosaur Reptar bared a striking resemblance to another popular prehistoric monster: Godzilla. Apparently Godzilla owners, Toho, sued Nickelodeon for infringement. Though the results of the legal battle are unknown, Reptar made less and less of an appearance on the show and was rarely seen in the last few episodes of Rugrats.

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