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12 Garlands for the Whole Year

Be ready for every holiday and season with these 12 Garlands for the Whole Year. From New Year’s Day decor to garlands you can have up from fall through the winter, these seasonal decorations are great for beginning crafters and decorators!

12 Garlands for the Whole Year
















This garland is made of pool noodles! What a fun idea! Dress up your pool party with this fun, waterproof decoration!


Dried apples make a festive garland you could use all the way through the fall and winter. Use it on your Thanksgiving table, too for a festive touch.






This one doesn’t have a tutorial, but it’s pretty easy to figure out! Some fake snow, some little fake trees, and a garland of plastic lights and you’re set to go!


Celebrate creativity every Wednesday with a “Creativi-bee” post, where I share easy craft tutorials, project ideas, and craft collections.

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20 Drunk Foods from Around the World

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I hope 2018 is off to an amazing start so far!

Pizza, burgers, nachos, tacos…the great thing about living in the melting pot that is these here United States is that we have a whole conglomeration of drunk foods to choose from.  Want tacos at 2 a.m?  A cold pizza at midnight?  Chances are you can find your craving almost anywhere.

Not surprisingly, the rest of the world has some killer drunk food, too.  Donuts, tacos, POUTINE, and the insanely smart munchies box from Scotland are just SOME of the amazing drunk foods that await you down below…

So nurse that New Year’s hangover with these 20 Drunk Foods from Around the World!

20 Drunk Foods from Around the World


  1. Beijing – Chaun’r (meat or vegetable skewers)
  2. Mumbai – Bhurji-pav (spiced, scrambled eggs and bread)
  3. Sri Lanka – Kottu (roti, vegetables, egg, meat, and spices, grilled and chopped)
  4. Dublin – Fish and chips (fried fish with thick-cut fries)
  5. Nairobi – Mandazi (fried dough, sometimes served with coconut milk)
  6. Mexico – Gringas (flour tortilla, cheese, pork, usually grilled)
  7. Shanghai – Jianbing (fried crepe with egg and various filling)
  8. Madrid – Churro con chocolate (fried churros served with melted chocolate)
  9. Germany – Doner kebabs (sliced lamb, onion, tomato, chili and yogurt sauces, served with flatbread)
  10. Montreal – Poutine (fries topped with gravy and cheese curds)
  11. South Korea – Dak galbi (stir-fried chicken, veggies, onions, and hot pepper sauce)
  12. Italy – Porchetta sandwich (roast pork, onion marmalade, and arugula on a crispy roll)
  13. Greece – Loukoumades (fried dough topped with sugar and honey)
  14. Tokyo – Ramen (noodle soup served with pork, fish cake, seaweed and egg)
  15. Iran – Persian pizza (sauceless pizza with sausage and veggies on thick crust)
  16. Berlin – Currywurst and fries (sausage and fries topped with curry ketchup)
  17. Scotland – Munchy box (a pizza box filled with everything from pizza to fries, onion rings, garlic bread, or kebab meat)
  18. Czech Republic – Samzeny Syr (fried cheese served with tartar sauce)
  19. Kenya – Mandazi (coconut donut)
  20. Brazil – Acaraji (deep-fried batter ball with peppery shrimp stew)

Every Monday is a “Reci-bee” post, where I share my favorite recipes, recipe collections, and cooking and baking hints and tips. 

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Happy New Year!


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December 29, 2017 · 8:48 am

50 Fun Facts You Can Use to Impress Your Friends in 2018

The new year is upon us…cure that social anxiety and be ready to impress your friends at NYE with these fun and completely random facts that are sure to make you the talk of 2018!


50 Fun Facts You Can Use to Impress Your Friends in 2018

  1. Since humans have not developed a need for wisdom teeth, appendixes, or even little toes, scientists believe that those items may be phased out as humans evolve.
    will smith wow GIF
  2. The American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-V handbook classifies caffeine withdrawal as a mental disorder.
    looney tunes coffee GIF
  3. The cotton candy machine was invented by a dentist.
    seattle mariners cotton candy girl GIF by MLB
  4. Twelve percent of sleepers dream in black and white.
    owl wow GIF
  5. Zebra coats are actually black…their undercoat has white stripes.
    zebra disguise GIF
  6. The oldest star known to man is 13.8 billion years old. Its name is Methuselah.
    Image result for Methuselah star
  7. There is no sound in space, but it does have a distinct smell: a bouquet of diesel fumes, gunpowder, and barbecue. The aroma is mostly produced by dying stars.
    blow your mind wow GIF by Product Hunt
  8. Baby carrots are a $1 billion business.
    Oh My God Wow GIF
  9. There is a committee in Iceland named Mannanafnanefnd. Its purpose is to prevent parents from giving their babies weird names.
    are you serious give me a break GIF by Originals
  10. Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift apart.
    i love otter GIF
  11. German chocolate cake isn’t German…it’s named for Sam German, an American baker.
    Image result for german chocolate cake
  12. The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn.
    Oh My God Wow GIF
  13. The best man’s original purpose was to serve as an accomplice in case the bride needed to be kidnapped from disapproving parents.
    Married With Children Wow GIF
  14. The first sales pitch for the Nerf Ball was, “Nerf: You can’t hurt babies or old people!”
    Image result for Nerf: You can’t hurt babies or old people!
  15. For an aspirin to save your life during a heart attack, you need to chew it. Aspirin, which inhibits platelets that speed blood clots, works fastest if chewed.
    chewing GIF
  16. Frankenstein is the name of the DOCTOR, not the MONSTER.
    trippy frankenstein GIF by Hotel Transylvania
  17. Most cars have an arrow on the fuel gauge that tells you what side of the car the gas tank is on.
    Image result for arrow by gas gauge
  18. The limits of the human body tend to follow a “Rule of 3”: 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter in extreme conditions, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.
    taylor negron wow GIF
  19. Of all the words in the English language, the word “set” has the most definitions.
    surprise wtf GIF
  20. There is a city called Rome on every continent.
    ted wow GIF
  21. The elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump.
    elephant jump rope GIF
  22. Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian and only had one testicle.
    you're right mad city GIF by Gotham
  23. All Froot Loops taste the same, no matter what color they are.
    Chris Pratt Wow GIF by sahlooter
  24. The average person has more than 2 million sweat glands on the surface of their body.
    sweating saturday night live GIF by HULU
  25. Speaking of sweat, it’s actually odorless. It’s the bacteria on your body that causes the stink.
    hot sweat GIF
  26. Norway sends a Christmas tree to Britain every year as a symbol of gratitude for their help preserving Norwegian liberty during WW II.
    Image result for norway sending tree to britain
  27. The voice actor who plays Winnie the Pooh (Jim Cummings) calls sick children who are in the hospital to chat with them as Winnie the Pooh.
    pooh bear love GIF
  28. There are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 ways to scramble a Rubik’s Cube.
    homer simpson genius GIF
  29. Billy Joel never sells front-row seats…instead he gives them away for free to fans who can’t afford them.
    little rascals awww GIF
  30. Swedish blood donors receive a text whenever their blood is used to help someone.
    lauren conrad awww GIF
  31. There is a place in Costa Rica called Territorio De Zaguates (Land of the Strays) that is basically a huge, no-kill dog shelter. #HEAVEN
    Image result for Territorio De Zaguates
  32. The creature that kills the most people every year isn’t snakes, sharks, or even other humans…it’s the mosquito.
    Oh My God Wow GIF
  33. There are more public libraries in the US than McDonald’s restaurants.
    scarlett johansson wow GIF
  34. It’s illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland because they get lonely.
    kristen bell awww GIF
  35. Richard Nixon once smuggled a suitcase full of weed through the airport for Louis Armstrong.
    best gif thumbs up GIF
  36. Cows have “best friends” and they get stressed when they’re separated.
    aww GIF
  37. Miami is the only US city founded by a woman.
    harry potter wow GIF
  38. Cornflakes were invented to prevent masturbation.
    keanu reeves wow GIF
  39. Red Sour Patch Kids are the exact same candy as Swedish Fish, just with some sour sugar sprinkled on them.
    kristen wiig wow GIF
  40. The last wooly mammoth died after most of the major pyramids were built.
    excited friends tv GIF
  41. In a room of 23 people, there’s a 50% chance that two people have the same birthday.
    excited happy birthday GIF
  42. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
    excited how i met your mother GIF
  43. Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour.
    angry love life GIF
  44. The top six foods that make you fart are beans, corn, bell peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, and milk.
    fart GIF
  45. Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore were college roommates.
    Image result for tommy lee jones, al gore
  46. Honey is the only food that never expires. The same honey that was buried with the pharaohs in Egypt is still considered ‘edible’ by scientists.
    winnie the pooh honey GIF
  47. You can fit all the planets of the solar system between Earth and its moon.
    pee wee herman wow GIF
  48. Pirates wore eye patches so one eye would always be acclimated to the darkness, allowing them to see in the darkness below decks in an instant.
    amy poehler smiling GIF
  49. It actually takes 142.18 licks to reach the center of a Tootsie pop.
    happy Phil Hartman GIF
  50. At any one time, about 0.7% of the world’s population is drunk.
    fucked up dancing GIF

Sometimes you just need a little fun in your life! Check back every week for a new “Just Bee-cause” post, where I discuss everything from celebrity news to favorite videos and websites!



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10 One-Bite Appetizers for the Holidays

Hosting for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful with this tasty one-bite appetizers. Whether you’re getting ready for Christmas dinner or planning a New Year’s party, these easy and quick bites will keep guests noshing and talking while you take care of stuff in the kitchen!


10 One-Bite Appetizers for the Holidays

Fried Green Tomatoes


Avocado Deviled Eggs


Sweet Bacon Crackers

bacon crackers

Spicy Tuna Wonton Cups


Stuffed Turkey Sausage Rolls

sausage rolls

Vegan Spinach Puffs

spinach puffs

Crispy Arancini


Corn Dog Mini Muffins

corn dog

Prosciutto Wrapped Melon


Sausage Bites with Cranberry and Cheddar

sausage bites

Every Monday is a “Reci-bee” post, where I share my favorite recipes, recipe collections, and cooking and baking hints and tips. 

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9 Foods that Help Cure Hangovers

First thing’s first – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Phew, 2016 is finally over and done with and I bet we’re all ready to move on to bigger and better things.

I hope you all had a wonderful, fun, and SAFE New Year’s celebration! After a night of drinking and celebrating, it can be hard to get up and going the next day…especially if you’re nursing the common New Year’s hangover…

But you don’t have to suffer through it! There are things you can eat and drink now to help put a kabash on those headaches and stomach pains so you can get 2017 off to the right start!


Unfortunately, the science of hangovers (and how to prevent them) hasn’t quite made it to the research table…leading to brave souls inventing their own “cures” for morning headaches, nausea, and overall crappy-ness.

Though there is nothing that exists – that we know of, at least – that can act as a 100% cure all elixar, there are certain foods and drinks that are better for refuling than others. Stick to foods high in fructose, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to banish those horrible headaches and help break town the toxins that are causing the reaction…and remember that alochol is a diuretic, which means it pushes water out of the body…so keep drinking water before, during, and after your night of drinking to help avoid a horrible morning.

If you still need some help getting out of bed today, here are a few drinks and foods that will help re-energize you, as well as a few foods to avoid so you don’t have problems later on!

9 Foods that Help Cure Hangovers

Well this is a no-brainer. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means is pushes liquids out of the body (which is why you have to pee so much when you drink). For nourishment, the body will draw water from any available source, including the brain…thus the headaches. Drinking water before heading to bed and when you wake up can help prevent, or at least lessen, the hangover headache.

Sports Drinks
Sometimes there’s just nothing like the taste of a good ol’ fashioned Gatorade to get you back on your feet. Packed with electrolytes and sugar, sports drinks can help restore liquids and help you feel like your normal self.

Ginger or Peppermint Tea
If the nausea bug’s got you down, try an herbal tea. Ginger and peppermint are both known to help reduce nausea and motion sickness and may help ease stomach pain.

If you drink coffee on the daily, keep on keepin’ on. The liquid in coffee can help rehydrate your body and skipping it may even lead to a worse headache. However, if you’re not normally a coffee drinker, the caffeine in coffee could make your headache worse…so to each his own.

Ugh, eggs are literally one of the last things I want sometimes, but they are chock full of amino acids, which boost liver function. They also help break down the chemicals in alochol that cause headaches.

Bananas or Leafy Greens
Bananas have been praised for ages for having a lot of potassium, but there are actually some greens out there that pack more potassium than bananas…regardless, anything with potassium can help restore important electrolytes in the body. Add yogurt to your banana for an even stronger boost of the good stuff.

Chicken Noodle Soup
All us Jews out there know…this stuff is magic. Chicken noodle soup can help restore liquids in the body as well as restock sodium levels. The chicken is also packed with nutrients that are great for liver recovery.

A hot bowl of oatmeal contains a ton of essential nutrients, including B vitamins, calcium and iron. Oats can also help neutralize acids in the body and raise blood sugar levels, giving you an instant energy boost.

Any water-rich fruit will help hydrate you and watermelon is loaded with potassium and magnesium, as well as other amino acids that help boost blood circulation.


Greasy Foods
I know, I know…everyone says that a greasy spoon breakfast is what you need to fix everything, but actually a hamburger and fries is much better at PREVENTING a hangover than curing it. If you’re planning a big night of drinking, down a good pub meal beforehand to help prevent alcohol from being absorbed into the stomach lining and bloodstream. Eating food like this after you’re already hung over may actually cause more hurt by irritating your stomach.

Hair of the Dog
The Scandinavians were the ones who gave us this popular saying, but boozing in the morning is not the best solution to curing that hangover. Alcohol can help take the edge off, but it will further dehydrate you and make your hangover symptoms worse throughout the day.

Every Monday is a “Reci-bee” post, where I share my favorite recipes, recipe collections, and cooking and baking hints and tips. 

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Happy New Year!


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December 30, 2016 · 8:35 am

10 Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Ideas

AHH!!!  Christmas has already come and gone and we’re only a couple days away from kicking 2016 out the door and welcoming in a new year.

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to get so wrapped up in Christmas that I’m almost constantly shocked at how fast New Year’s Eve follows…and it’s not like it’s a surprise…I mean, it’s the same thing every year…but it just never fails to spring up on me!

Thankfully, there are tons of easy, fast, and budget-friendly ways to welcome in 2017 with your friends and family…and they’ll think you’ve been planning for months!  With this collection of 10 Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Ideas, you’ll learn how to create tasty treats and classy decorations that will make your hub THE PLACE for welcoming in a new year!


So don’t put those Christmas decorations away quite yet…here are 10 easy and fast last-minute NYE decorations that will up your party game in no time!

10 Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Ideas

Before you pack up all your Christmas ornaments, sort out those silver and gold bobbles…they’ll come in handy for your New Year’s decor!  Hang them from the ceiling or gather them in a bowl or apothecary jar for a festive decoration that will liven up your home.


Turn a corner of your home into a fun photo booth!  Use leftover ribbons or cheap streamers to create a fun backdrop and cut NYE letters out of posterboard.  Decorate with balloons and you’ve got a fun photo area your guests will love!


Jell-O shots have gotten an upgrade!  With these classy Champagne Jell-O Cups, you and your adult friends can enjoy a delicious and tasty start to 2017.


No NYE party is complete without poppers!  But don’t go out and buy them…you can use leftover toilet paper rolls and any remaining Christmas gift wrap to create your own!  Fill with confetti, candy, or wishes for a great new year.


Forget those cheap paper party hats…you can craft your own sparkly glitter hats using paper mache cones and fine glitter and tinsel.  Attach your hat to a headband so you don’t have to worry about those uncomfortable elastic strings.


Whether you make your own or you decorate some store-bought cookies, these glittery fortune cookies are sure to delight.  If you make your own, don’t forget to fill them with good fortunes for your guests!


Not everyone has a date on NYE…and for some, that’s A-O-KAY!  But everyone deserves a little midnight kiss when 2017 makes its official appearance!


These free clock printables are great for attaching to goodie bags, hats, cupcake toppers, and more!  Print out your own clocks from nobiggie.net.


If you’re having friends over throughout the day on NYE, it can be a loooong time until midnight.  To help pass the time, print out some cards and get to know your guests and their hopes and wishes for the new year.  You can print out your own set here.


Here’s another cute way to use any leftover gift wrapping supplies.  Wrap bamboo sticks with gold pipe cleaners and top with a cute pom pom for a celebratory drink stirrer.


Celebrate creativity every Wednesday with a “Creativi-bee” post, where I share easy craft tutorials, project ideas, and craft collections.

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May we Make Port in a Good Harbor


Come back every Tuesday for “The Bees Knees”, where I post the best quotes from my favorite movies, TV shows, songs, and books.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!  Hope you all had a safe and happy celebration!

Well, it looks like we made it to 2012.  The world didn’t end, the earth didn’t explode or implode, and the zombies have stayed at bay…well, so far at least.

I’m really excited to start this new year!  I’ve got lots of fun recipes, crafts, and decor ideas for you and I can’t wait to get started!  We’re expanding our reach on all kinds of social media sites and are gaining more followers every day!  Whoo-hoo!

Currently, we’re buzzing all over Pinterest–so be sure to check out our board!  Soon we’ll be on Facebook and Twitter as well…all new things for 2012!

As we jump head first into this new year, I wish you all a lifetime filled with happiness, blessings, and of course creativity!

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